teen mom 3 mackenzie douthit baby number 2 'Teen Mom 3' star Mackenzie Douthit having another baby against doctor's advice

“Teen Mom 3” star Mackenzie Douthit can’t wait to be a mother again … despite the warnings her doctors have given her.

Because Douthit is a type 1 diabetic, the risks are high for both her and her baby. According to her doctors, giving birth again could risk both her life and her baby’s as she could slip into a coma during labor. “My blood sugar could get so low that I pass out — and won’t wake up,” Douthit, 19, tells Life & Style.

Douthit, who revealed that she was pregnant with baby No. 2 back in September, says that her doctors advised her against becoming pregnant again. “I’m very scared,” the mother of son Gannon, 2, says. “My doctors didn’t want me to go through this again, but really if you look at it in the long run, it’s way better to have kids young while my body’s still somewhat healthier than waiting until I was older.”

Douthit believes all the risks are worth it for her unborn baby girl. “I think being a mom is one of the most powerful things,” Douthit says. “You have so much hope.” The teen mother also says that her faith in God has helped her and husband Josh McKee, 20, stay strong.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum