Jenelle-Evans-MTV.jpgMove over Amber Portwood, there’s a new “Teen Mom” assault video on the internet and it kind of puts Portwood to shame.

19-year-old Jenelle Evans of “Teen Mom 2” is captured on tape in a brutal attack on Britany Truett, a friend of seven years. Color us shocked, but apparently the disagreement was over a boy. Reportedly Evans’ ex, Kieffer Delp, made a pass at Truett which caused the young mother to fly into a violent rage.

According to TMZ, Truett has opted not to file charges despite the whole thing being caught on tape. The video makes it crystal clear that Evans, egged on by her friends, was the aggressor in the situation. To be honest, Truett is barely able to defend herself.

You can watch the video courtesy of TMZ. The victim reported only receiving a bruise on her eye, scratches on her face and a bite mark on her breast, though you can see obvious blood pouring from her nose and face in the video.

Just because she’s not facing legal charges, we hardly think this kind of behavior should go unpunished.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci