jenelle evans farrah abraham feud couples therapy 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham tried to fake a 'Couples Therapy' relationship, says Jenelle EvansWe all know “reality TV” is often far from real, but this is pretty egregious: “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham, who is appearing on the current season of VH1’s “Couples Therapy” despite not actually being in a couple, might have tried to fake a relationship for the cameras before her faux boyfriend got cold feet and decided not to appear on the show.

Newly pregnant (and recently incarcerated) “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans called out her fellow MTV star on Twitter Thursday (Jan. 2) saying she wouldn’t watch the show because Abraham faked her reason for appearing. “I’m not even going to watch ‪#CouplesTherapy‬ now that I found out Farrah staged it entirely once again. ‪#TiskTisk‬ ‪#FakeRelationship‬,” Evans writes.

A DJ named Brian Dawe posted an interview on his Facebook page that revealed he was approached by Abraham to be in a fake relationship for the show. When he decided to bail at the last minute and confessed the lie to the network, they tried to persuade him to appear anyway.

“I was offered double my original appearance fee from the network. This to me was a substantial amount of money, but I decided to stick by my decision,” he says. “At that point I ceased communication with the production company, the network, and Farrah. I have not spoken with Farrah since she sent me a text after I did not show up on set saying she wishes me all the best and to take care.”

Dawe says he’s coming forward now to speak out against the genre of reality TV and how it manipulates people. “My only purpose for coming out against it is to clear my name and to take a public stance against the culture of exploiting people through reality television and the media. Reality TV is about as far from reality you can get,” he says.

Oh, and he has Abraham’s best interest in mind. “I would just like to point out that I am not doing this to expose or hurt Farrah. She has already been used, abused, and taken advantage of by so many people that is the last thing I want to do,” he says. “I did not gain from this situation financially, I actually lost money by canceling my DJ tour dates that were planned during the shows taping. I just hope she begins to understand that the people in the entertainment industry have been taking advantage of her since she was a teenager and that the best thing she can do for herself is get out of it as quickly as possible.”

Instead of appearing on the show with Dawe, Abraham will focus on why she can’t keep a boyfriend. “Basically they are going to bring people from her past — family, friends, ex-boyfriends — to help her understand why she can’t make any of her relationships work and they fail,” a source told RadarOnline when filming began.

Posted by:Jean Bentley