teen wolf mtv 'Teen Wolf': First look at MTV's small screen remake has biteWe’ve got to admit: We’re kind of impressed with the first teaser trailer for MTV’s small screen remake of “Teen Wolf” (set to premiere early next year). The special effects are not that cheesy, there’s not a drop of humor (which is a nice departure from the original), the story (while done before) seems intriguing enough and the male lead Tyler Posey (he of “Maid in Manhattan” fame) is completely likable.

The show follows Scott McCall, a high school lacrosse player, whose life is changed when he’s bitten by a wolf in the woods (Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to wander in the woods alone. TV teens, they never learn). Tyler Hoechlin plays Derek Hale, the werewolf responsible for changing Scott, who tells him, “You and me, Scott, we’re brother now.” 

What else can you learn from the promo? Here’s a couple of the most important things to take away:

-Scott and Derek don’t transform into actual wolves. They are Lycan and still are in their human form, just with sharper teeth and longer finger nails. Also, hairier.

-Some of the werewolf powers? Sharper hearing, better eyesight, increased speed, and improved lacrosse skills.

-There’s obviously a girl, Allison (Crystal Reed), who Scott can’t get the nerve to ask up until after he is bitten. Typical guy.

-Our favorite part of the teaser? There are hunters who have been tracking werewolves for centuries. We see them attack Scott with a bow and arrow and fire. Later, we find out that Allison’s dad is one of the hunters. Ruh-roh.

What do you think of “Teen Wolf”, Zappers? Will you be checking it out early next year?

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Photo credit: MTV

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