teen wolfallison argent crystal reed 'Teen Wolf' first look: Is someone hunting the hunters?If you aren’t yet caught up on “Teen Wolf,” you’re going to want to get on that — and fast. In this Monday’s episode, the stakes get raised even further when Allison (Crystal Reed) goes to a gas station alone at night. (We know; you’d think that in a town like Beacon Hills, she’d want a chaperone.)

Check out this heart-pounding  first-look clip and watch it all go down.

When Allison is abducted, she’s pretty shocked to discover that her fellow prisoner is a very familiar face. Still, don’t expect her to play damsel in distress for too long. In fact, this abduction may be a catalyst for a shift in Allison’s perspective on werewolf hunting.

“I told Crystal that I want to turn her into Buffy this year, and she’s up for it,” executive producer Jeff Davis told us.

Crystal Reed reveals that we can expect to see some changes in the relationship between Allison and her werewolf hunter father, Mr. Argent. “I think that deep down inside Allison is definitely a daddy’s girl,” Reed says. “The relationship is definitely going to be tested, for sure. She’s going to come to the point where she doesn’t know if she trusts him. The major theme of their relationship this season is trust.”


Posted by:Carina MacKenzie