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“Teen Wolf” fans got a surprise right at the end of Season 3 when Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) returned from the supposed-dead as a were-jaguar. Crazy Aunt Kate is back in force in the upcoming Season 4, and Wagner has lots to tease about her insane and purple character.

Find out what to expect in this interview.

What’s the jaguar makeup like?

Wagner: It’s a long and grueling one. But I have to say, usually it’s about three and a half hours. When I wear my leather jacket, which I beg them all the time to let me wear so they don’t have to do my arms, it’s a little bit less time. But the makeup itself, it’s usually two or three guys working on it at a time for two or three hours. I don’t like to sit still for five minutes, so they have to entertain me … The makeup though, I love walking around the set and scaring people. Hanging around at crafty — it seems to do it every time!

He wanted it to be this black jaguar. If you look at a black jaguar, they are kind of iridescent and they have this like undertone of gold and purplish and really interesting colors. I think the guys in the FX team are amazing. They’re incredible, and I give them all the props. They had a vision and here I sit!

Kate the were-jaguar has lots of sharp, pointy teeth too. What are they like to wear?

Wagner: I’m trying to get those ‘S’es down. It’s really hard too!

It’s not just the speaking — because you have to speak from a completely different part of your mouth — it’s the drooling! I’m like saying my lines and drool’s coming out of my mouth. I’ve definitely got the animal-type vibe going because I’m drooling and speaking. They’re awesome teeth, but they are so hard to speak in.

You don’t have to go through the makeup process all the time, right? Kate does get to be human-looking sometimes?

Wagner: Absolutely. That would be pretty awful thing — meaning awful because I’d have to sit through this every day. But no, she goes in and out of it. I think that’s part of her struggle in this season is she is struggling with learning how to be a were-jaguar.

When did you find out that Kate was coming back to ‘Teen Wolf’?

Wagner: Jeff had kind of told me from Season 1 that he wanted to bring me back but he wasn’t sure how they were going to do it. I tend to not believe anything until they book me. Because you never know in these shows, so much can change and the scripts can change. So I didn’t expect it, but I was certainly grateful that they did.

Who is Kate now? Is she totally different?

Wagner: I think that Kate is different and she’s similar. She’s different in the fact that she is … In Season 1, we saw this confident, very much in control of being a bad girl that she was — the sociopathic killer that she was. You have to admit, she was in control of that!

This season, she’s not in control. She’s a mess. She’s kind of … She is the one who needs something in this season, which is totally opposite of the last season, when she was in control and it was all about chasing what was to her the bad guys. I don’t know how bad, in Kate’s mind, she was, because she thought she was doing something good. She’s still a killer, but I have to have empathy, I have to find the empathy with her to love her.

But the one thing she is still the same is she still has this extreme focus on what she’s going after. And I think that’s both the good thing about Kate and her downfall. She will not stop until she gets this. She’s very much in need, she has a focus, and I think that if she is to accomplish what she’s trying to accomplish, it could be really, really bad for a lot of people.

Who will Kate be interacting with in her return?

Wagner: Kate has always been the loner. She’s always very comfortable to be alone, she doesn’t like to be around — I don’t think she likes people. I don’t even think she likes her family members. I didn’t get a ton of loving, affectionate feelings in the first season. Even with her brother. I think she is so focused, she pushes all of that out of her life, because it makes her not-focused.

This season she does, however, have some buddies. But again, she’s not very affectionate with those buddies. She does have her — I guess I can call it — she has her little pack of evil-ness. I was really happy, this season I got to work with … Season 1, it was a lot with JR [Bourne] — I had a lot of scenes with JR, which I was really happy about — but only a few with Ian [Bohen], which has become one of my really good friends. So this season, I got to have some really good scenes with Ian, which was great. Because he’s one of my really good friends, and it’s always good to work with friends, especially on this show.

That was even before we got our groove on, so to speak. So I hope that people enjoy the scenes we have this season.

Speaking of family, the Argents have had some rough times in her absence …

Wagner: I don’t know why Chris Argent isn’t completely insane. I’m waiting for him to crack! I’m like, ‘Jeff, when is Argent gonna completely go berserk and just crack on everybody and start killing like everybody?’ I don’t think that’s happening — we have to have a good guy. We have to have somebody who’s like stable in this series. It’s definitely not Kate. We’ve lost hope for Kate. I never liked to play the stable person. It’s boring! I’m sorry, I like to play the bad girl.

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 premieres Monday, June 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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