teen wolf season 4 episode 4 dylan sprayberry liam mtv 'Teen Wolf's' Liam, Dylan Sprayberry: Meet the new werewolf in town

“Teen Wolf” has added a new werewolf to its pack in Season 4. Liam, played by Dylan Sprayberry, turned into a full-fledged wolf by the end of episode 4, “The Benefactor.”

But what does the new kid in Beacon Hills think about all this? For the answers, Zap2it caught up with Sprayberry.

Zap2it: Now that Liam is both a wolf and a kid at a new school, what does this mean for him?
Sprayberry: You can expect to see him struggle through this new phase of his life as a new teenager and also now knowing that there are supernatural creatures in his high school. It’s definitely a thing to get used to.

Is this going to be a hard thing for Liam to accept?
He’s still a little bit in denial. I mean, that’s a hard thing to hear, that you’ve been bitten by a werewolf and that you could either die or become a werewolf. Either one seems pretty bad if you’ve just heard about it.

In his non-wolf life, Liam is a big lacrosse star. Is that a sport you knew before “Teen Wolf” or did they need to teach you?
They had to show me, definitely what to do, because I had no idea. Some people may think, “Oh, this is easy! Just throw the ball and catch it in a net!” It’s super hard. It’s a lot different from catching a ball with your hands. It’s a whole new deal.

Just like Liam is the new kid at school, you’re the new actor on the show. What has that been like?
It wasn’t bad, because I got to meet everyone beforehand. I worked with Dylan and Tyler in the chemistry reads, and I hung out on set before I started filming. Everyone was really nice and I got to see how great a set it was.

Unlike most “teenagers” on TV, you are actually in your teens. What benefit does that bring to Liam?
I’m closer to that age and I hang out with a lot of kids that are the age my character is playing. So I’m a little bit closer to the dilemmas that kids my age have, other than 25 year olds. Which is not a bad thing — we’re all actors, we know how to play someone else. But I definitely have more instinctual traits of a young teenager.

Were you a “Teen Wolf” fan before your casting?
I had not watched it. But then, when I got the part, I watched every episode in like three days. I watched three seasons — which was a lot — but it’s a really good show. I was like, “Is it going to be hard to watch 40-something episodes in three days?” I was planning on watching it in a week. And then I saw the pilot, and I was like, “I’m going to keep watching this!”

What would you like to see in a story for Liam?
Everything that they’re doing is great for me. I really like everything they’ve done. I definitely want to do some romance, because I’ve never had to play romance in any kind of show or movie or anything like that — especially because I’m just now a teenager. I’ve only been a teenager for a few years, so I can understand why. But it’s now the time where I can play that, so I really want to try.

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown