teen wold cast 'Teen Wolf' premieres on MTV    what did you think?MTV’s highly-anticipated original series “Teen Wolf” premiered Sunday, June 5, right after the MTV Movie Awards and proved what the cast and creator have been saying for a while now — it’s nothing like the ’80s movie starring Michael J. Fox.

We were intrigued right off the bat as vampires seem to be at the forefront of any fantasy/horror show or movie. Sure, “The Vampire Diaries” has Tyler and “True Blood” has Alcide, but they really aren’t the focus of their respective shows. On “Teen Wolf,” it’s all fur, all the time; it’s a welcome change from fangs and 400 year-old dudes falling for underage girls, you know?

Here are five things we liked about “Teen Wolf” and five things we want to see throughout the 12-episode first season.

What we liked:

No. 1: We loved the way the show looks — very dark, not the greatest lighting and quick cuts. We were especially impressed by the first act, specifically Scott (a likable Tyler Posey) in the woods. It had a very old-school horror film vibe.

No. 2: We’re glad a show on MTV didn’t go for the obvious picks. Also, the score was great and really set the tone for each scene.

No. 3: The chemistry between Scott and Allison (Crystal Reed) was so strong that we’ll forgive the fact that she accepted his non-excuse/really bad apology for just ditching her at the party. Make him work for it, girl. Don’t be a Bella.

No. 4:
Our favorite character so far? The charming Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles — the classic geek best friend who gave us major Seth Cohen flashbacks. We always love a man confident enough to rock a tie and blazer at a high school party. 

No. 5: The wolf make-up and effects? Well done, Show. Well done.

What we want to see this season:

No. 1: The relationship — if we can call it that yet — between Scott and his sire (is that the right word here?) Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) needs to be explored a bit more and we’re hoping to see it really develop in future episodes. It is possible for Scott to keep his human relationships with an animal hibernating inside of him? Will his connection with Derek force him to pull away from Stiles and Allison? We don’t know, but we hope to find out.

No. 2: We hope Jackson (Colton Haynes and his cheekbones) isn’t just the quintessential jock and has more on his mind than lacrosse and paint jobs. Our prediction: He’s going to find out about Scott’s curse and want it, too. Wishful thinking, we know, but we are always intrigued by humans who want to become monsters.

No. 3: Mythology, mythology, mythology. Did we mention mythology? We’re total geeks and are uber-curious to learn “Teen Wolf’s” werewolf mythology. Shameless plug alert! We’ll be posting an interview with creator Jeff Davis tomorrow that touches on some of the show’s mythology.

No. 4: We’re curious to learn the werewolf hunters’ mythology, as well as why does Allison’s dad hunt werewolves? Does she come from a long line of werewolf hunters? What will happen when she finds out her dad and her boyfriend’s secrets? Which side will she choose? Just some food for thought…

No. 5:
We were really impressed with Russell Mulcahy’s direction, so we’re curious to see what the next few episodes look like with someone else behind the camera. We hope it keeps with the interesting shots and quick cuts.

Look at that, we went an entire article without mentioning Posey’s gratuitous shirtlessness! Oops — there it is. Hey, we’re not complaining.

Now, it’s your turn, Zappers. What did you like about “Teen Wolf” and what are you hoping to see in Season 1? Don’t forget — an all-new episode airs tomorrow, Monday (June 6) at 10 pm ET on MTV.

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