teen wolf lydia holland roden the girl who knew too much mtv 'Teen Wolf' recap: Important screams and the druid revealed in 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much'

This episode of “Teen Wolf” is all about the reveals. By the end of “The Girl Who Knew Too Much,” the audience knows the identity of the darach and the sort of creature Lydia is. Sheriff Stilinski, meanwhile, finds out a whole lot about what’s been going on.

It’s all very satisfying.

Never go in that school alone, people of “Teen Wolf”

“The Girl Who Knew Too Much” begins, like so much of the show, with a person walking alone through the empty hallways of Beacon Hills High. It’s Sheriff Stilinksi’s deputy, and she’s investigating a 911 call there. Although Danny and the rest of his random recital people turn out to be there too, that’s not the main worry.

What is? That would be the evil druid. Creepiness begins with walkie-talkie chanting. It increases with shadows and scratching noises in the locker room.

But the height of creepiness happens when Deputy Graham sees a dead body in the shower. Why so creepy? That’s because the dead body is the deputy herself!

Holy moly, that kind of takes the quivering cake.

Oh, and a slimy, disfigured monster of a killer then shows up to actually kill the Deputy. And so it goes.

“You told me to call you if I found a dead body!”

Of course, Lydia shows up on the scene. The body is waiting.

Life sucked before Voltron Wolf

Not that one little murder would ever interrupt classes at this high school. I mean, if that were the case, no school would ever happen. Sure, everyone is on edge — and Allison doesn’t even show up — but life goes on. Except for the Deputy.

The Twins are edgy too, threatening each other (and Danny!). That edginess only increases when Scott and Stiles interrogate one, while the other makes out with Lydia. Turns out that the two were once Omega wolves in a nasty pack, back before they figured out the Wonder Twin trick and fought their way to becoming Alphas.

Cora Hale doesn’t care that they’re Alphas. She attacks anyway and gets all bloody and sullen.

More familial dysfunction

Allison thinks her dad might be the evil druid killer. She and Isaac investigate this by standing too close to each other. This at least turns out to be a good strategy: While distracted by each other, Allison and Isaac find a five-fold knot with the inscriptions “virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers and guardians” in the pattern.

Looks like we’re on to guardians now.

One important guardian — that’s Sheriff Stilinski. Will he finally find out about this messed up town?

Counseling and chalk drawings

Did you know that psychology can explain werewolf behavior? Miss Morell seems to think so. She tells Scott the game plan. Deucalion wants to make Scott into a killer, thereby rendering him not a True Alpha. It’s a bit of an issue.

Meanwhile, over in a history classroom, a previously unseen teacher disappears. Lydia then shows up to draw a “2” on the five-fold knot that magically appeared on his chalkboard. So long, random and now dead teacher!

Some things are hard to explain

Lydia is … something. That explanation doesn’t go over well.

The attempt to tell Sheriff Stilinski doesn’t go any better. Even with full disclosure and the strategic use of a chess board, the Sheriff doesn’t believe a word of Stiles’ detailed story. The kanima thing seems to be a particular sticking point.

Unfortunately, Cora’s presence doesn’t help anything. She just faints.

Over at some abandoned structure, Allison and Isaac show up, expecting Papa Argent to be the bad guy. They should have gone with bad-a** guy. It’s more accurate, considering that he enters the room, guns a-blazing.

But the druid gets away.

Philosophers and teachers are the same here

Remember how the current sacrifice is guardians? That’s not quite right. Since the Deputy was once a teacher, the deaths are of philosophers. Since there aren’t too many philosophers in modern-day California, the nearest equivalent seems to be teachers.

Who will be the third sacrifice?

Death music

Since there’s a music concert (without a music teacher of course), it’s a veritable smorgasbord of teacher-sacrifice goodness! Scott and Lydia stake out the auditorium. The Argents and Isaac rush over. Stiles and his dad hang out at the hospital, fighting about whether or not werewolves even exist.

Then the music starts. Naturally, the high school band is playing the druid’s song. It’s all very creepy.

And then it ends with a piano string snapping, slashing the throat of the woman on the bench.

Medical mystery

The Sheriff and Mrs. McCall look into an old medical case. This patient came in, slashed up like crazy by animals (or not). While she was treated, birds killed themselves against windows.

This is important, if not immediately related to the story.

Never believe texts. Never.

When someone on “Teen Wolf” texts someone else, it’s best to ignore it. The results are never good.

Lydia doesn’t think about this. Getting a text ostensibly from her Wonder Twin boy toy, Lydia wanders off into a dark classroom elsewhere on campus. There, she meets the darach — the dark druid.

Hands up if you called it

Who is the druid causing all this trouble?

That would be Miss Blake, the sweet and loving lady who so recently looked at Derek’s naked chest with passionate longing. Turns out that she was that slashed-up patient. And now she’s making sacrifices to … Um, that part isn’t clear. It may have something to do with Miss Blake’s true face — a slimy, lined and inhuman monster mask of a visage.

That’s some scream, Lydia

After all this time, it’s time to discover the true nature of Lydia. She isn’t a werewolf. She isn’t exactly psychic.

Lydia is a banshee.

In the context of “Teen Wolf,” it’s not immediately clear what this means. The only thing we get is that Lydia has some powerful lungs on her, capable of screeching so that all werewolves can hear. For some reason, this fascinates Miss Blake a bit. Alas for Lydia, the fascination is short-lived and the English teacher moves on to her murderous plans.

The chess board worked!

Lydia would be done for without the intervention of two heroes. One is Scott, fully wolfed-out and ready for a fight. The other, in a surprise twist, is Sheriff Stilinski. He may not have bought the werewolf story initially, but the scene in the classroom made everything clear.

But will that matter? Miss Blake easily fights off Scott. She locks Stiles out of the room. And she stabs the Sheriff, twisting the blade for good measure.

Could this be the end for the Sheriff? Let’s desperately hope the answer is no.

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