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How many sides are there at this point on “Teen Wolf”? There are the good guys, of course. Then there is the Alpha pack. Now we have Jennifer Blake, the sacrifice-happy darach. And you never know which side the Argents are on, right?

It’s all very confusing by the time we get to “The Overlooked.”

There’s a crazy storm happening in Beacon Hills. This is making the hospital something of a mess. As usual, no one is in charge except the long-suffering and industrious Nurse McCall. But even she can’t keep up with so much trouble, which leads to Cora Hale getting ignored.

At least we get a fun encounter between Mrs. McCall and Peter Hale. Remember how they dated back in Season 1? Talk about awkward …

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

Jennifer Blake, aka the darach (evil druid) we’ve been hearing so much about this season, returns from stashing Sheriff Stilinski somewhere, and runs straight into the strong-but-dumb arms of Derek. She tries to play innocent, but Scott and Stiles stopped by the vet’s office before this confrontation.

Now they have mistletoe. Mistletoe makes pretty Jennifer Blake go all slimy and slashed and stuff.

Fortunately for Jennifer, she has a sick Cora to heal and a hidden Sheriff to reveal. Derek doesn’t get to throttle his girl just yet.

Let’s all go hang out in the abandoned hospital!

Almost everyone has pretty much left the Beacon Hills hospital. Apparently, there isn’t any power and all medical professionals (other than Melissa McCall, of course) have fled for drier healing grounds. That leaves the hospital free to host werewolf battles while Cora vomits India ink.

The chaos also allows Jennifer Blake to do some ineffectual escaping while Deucalion and Kali wander around in a vaguely menacing fashion.

“You’re him, aren’t you? The bad guy …”

Various sides of this battle collide in all sorts of interesting fashions at this point. The Wonder Twins form the Voltron of werewolves to fight the good guys and Miss Blake together. An understandably stressed Stiles yells at Derek. Deucalion kidnaps Mrs. McCall in order to trade Scott’s mommy for Jennifer.

And then the Argents show up. They’re pretty much against everyone.

Confrontation and running away

Running away is much more effective than fighting in this episode.

Scott and Peter, all hyped-up on epinephrine, take on the Wonder Twins, mostly as a distraction. Then the drugs wear off and they’re useless.
Derek and Stiles, meanwhile, get Cora to an ambulance, only to find that Kali has shown up and is after Jennifer Blake. While Stiles hides in the ambulance with the always-forgotten Cora, Derek and Jennifer run off for some alone time in the elevator.

In terms of relative usefulness, Stiles totally wins. Derek and Jennifer get stuck in the elevator. Stiles, meanwhile, has some revelations, performs CPR to save Cora and figures out Jennifer Blake’s next sacrificial victims: Guardians. Guardians would be the equivalent of parents here. Parents like Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall …

Even Scott needs his mommy (and a crash cart) to save him from the Wonder Twins.

The evil, murdering, ugly lady tells her story

Once upon a time, Jennifer Blake was called Julia Baccari. She has a lot of feelings about both her name and her face. Back when the lady had both, she was Kali’s druid emissary. Somehow, Kali and her awful pedicure failed to kill JB back in the day.

Instead, JB crawled to something called the “nemeton.” That’s the druid thing seen in the Derek-flashback episode. It seems that, when Derek killed sweet little Paige as a teenager, that counted as a virgin sacrifice. That gave the nemeton and JB enough power to not die.

Oh Derek. Even as a teenager, you messed everything up!

The rest of JB’s tale is a mythological history of mistletoe. You can find it in books.

But the important part is that mistletoe wasn’t supposed to be overlooked, and druids weren’t either. JB is very angry about this, and everyone gets to suffer.

Oh, and the ultimate plan is for Jennifer Blake to massacre the bad werewolves during the lunar eclipse. At that point, the werewolves will be powerless. And the Alphas don’t have a Stiles to serve as backup when raw werewolf strength fails.

The Alphas fall for an Argent trap

Remember how the Argents have been hanging out in the hospital, pretty much doing nothing for most of the episode? Obviously, Chris and Allison were just biding their time until a clever plan was needed.

Using Allison as a Jennifer Blake double (you know, because she’s a hot brunette in Isaac’s opinion), the Argents lure Kali and the twins outside. The Argents have many things with which to shoot werewolves.

This is the first effective distraction of the episode.

The bad guys win

Too bad it doesn’t matter.

Mean old JB was only telling her story to pass the time until she could go all slimy and knock out Derek. Then she runs away, taking Scott’s mom along with her. Two out of the three Guardian sacrifices are now hanging out with Jennifer’s virgin sacrifice-powered nemeton thing.

Scott and Stiles haven’t even got a plan on how to get their parental units back. That’s what Deucalion is counting on: The Alpha of Alphas promises to help find the Guardian types if Scott joins the Alpha pack.

Not knowing what else to do, Scott disappears into the post-storm fog with Deucalion.

This is going to be a problem.

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