john wesley shipp daniel sharman teen wolf 'Teen Wolf' Season 2: 'Dawson's Creek' star John Wesley Shipp gets madYesterday we filled Teen Wolf fans in on a new character for Season 2: Isaac (Daniel Sharman), a withdrawn teenage lacrosse player who is having some trouble at home.

Now, Zap2it can introduce you to the “trouble.”

John Wesley Shipp will be playing Isaac’s not-so-nice dad — and the owner of Beacon Hills Cemetery. He sees a whole new side of his son after Derek brings Isaac into the wolf pack, and a few “mysterious incidents” plague him in particular. Shipp is headed to Atlanta to begin shooting the intense role next week. MTV confirms that we can expect to see him in two episodes.

Of course, we know Shipp best from his role as Mitch, Dawson’s ill-fated father, on “Dawson’s Creek,” but he’s also got a following for his superhero role as “The Flash,” in the early ’90s.

my pantheon of Dads with WILDLY various parenting techniques…
I am happy to
announce a new Dad,
” he wrote on his Facebook on Friday, Dec. 2. “This time around for a couple of episodes of ‘Teen Wolf.’ Shooting commences December 6.”

(Just because it’s awesome, we’d also like to share with you that the status update got a friendly comment from Mary-Margaret Humes, who played Dawson’s mom! “Big smile 🙂 Love you my immortal husband…XO,” she wrote. Best. Thing. Ever.)

Hopefully, this time he won’t be the victim of death-by-ice-cream. Relive the tragedy below, please.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie