teen wolf season 3 death de void poll mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 death: Which character dies in the final episodes?

There are only two episodes of “Teen Wolf” Season 3 remaining. And the big death promised by the show hasn’t occurred yet. It is, however, coming very soon. With little build-up remaining until someone in Beacon Hills dies, who do you think is going to go?

Here is what we now know about each character, in terms of mortality:

Scott — Honestly, Scott has never been better. He’s a little stressed, but his pack is growing stronger and he is learning how to be an Alpha. Also, Scott has a new girl. Death would be completely out of nowhere for this guy.

Stiles — Is the nogitsune out of Stiles? Which Stiles is the real one, seeing as there seem to be two of them now? Until that evil kitsune is gone for good, Stiles is always in danger. But would “Teen Wolf” kill off such a fan favorite?

Allison — Like Scott, Allison is mostly doing well. She has Isaac for romance and is only getting better and better with those scary Argent weapons. Her breakdown in the elevator with Stilinski isn’t the best sign, but Allison remains — as always — awfully hard to kill.

Lydia — Until the end of “De-Void,” Lydia looked safe. Then one of the Stileses kidnapped her. That doesn’t bode well with a death looming in the near future. Is Lydia the one to go?

Derek — He isn’t the Alpha anymore. Derek has been injured repeatedly. One of Stiles’ flies got him. Also, Derek is hanging out with Argent a lot, which rarely ends well for anyone. Could Derek (and his chest) be doomed?

The Twins — Is either Ethan or Aiden going to die? Both of them? These loose cannons are in danger, but what could be the catalyst to let them go? Aiden’s death might push Lydia to Stiles. Ethan’s death would give Danny a chance to find out what is going on. It is a possibility.

Kira — She’s new, so it could go either way when it comes to death or survival. That said, Kira is a kitsune which means she’s really, really hard to kill.

Peter — There’s way more story to tell with Peter and Malia. It’s also apparently impossible to actually kill Peter Hale. He is probably fine for now.

Isaac — Lying in bed, seemingly comatose until being possessed by a demonic fly? Yeah, Isaac might need to worry.

Melissa McCall — With Scott’s dad back in the picture, Mrs. McCall is technically expendable. In her favor, however, is that divorce secret and the fact that Melissa is super awesome.

Sheriff Stilinski — He just got his job back. The Sheriff has also had to deal with his son being possessed and/or maybe dying. They can’t kill him too, can they?

Chris Argent — Could “Teen Wolf” really orphan Allison? Argent has been struggling with his past and his life choices, which can lead to death in TV land. Also, he is still in a precarious position with regard to Derek.

Who do you think will die? Since it is definitely one of the names mentioned above, it’s time to choose. Vote in the poll below!

“Teen Wolf” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown