teen wolf 322 de void stiles dylan obrien recap mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 3, episode 22: Can 'De Void' save Stiles from the nogitsune?

“Teen Wolf” really likes to mess with its viewers. In the Season 3 episode, “De-Void,” flies make everybody fight, the nogitsune seems ready to win, Scott and Allison are kissing again … And then it seems to all get better with one howl.

Is it true? Has Stiles been saved? If he has, then what is going to happen in the final two episodes of the season?

Don’t shoot Stiles!

“De-Void” picks up right where the previous episode left off. Sheriff Stilinski confronts Evil Stiles in Derek’s loft and asks the boy to put on handcuffs. This turns out to be singularly ineffective, since the nogitsune version of Stiles is super-strong. He’s also cool with high-voltage electricity and guns pointed at his head.

The only things that can stop Evil Stiles are the Oni — and he can count on the Sheriff, Argent, Derek and Allison to take care of that problem.

They do a great job too — at least until the Oni and Stiles all disappear.

Back in the basement again

Where did everybody go? Well, when next we see Stiles, he’s back in that Echo House basement, this time for the purpose of menacing Noshiko. The elder kitsune is there to pay her respects to dead boyfriend Rhys.

Stiles isn’t cool with this. What he is cool with is taking Noshiko’s final “tail” and using it to disembowel himself. But wait, there’s more yuckiness! A giant slash to Stiles’ abdomen releases flies — lots and lots of flies. The bugs menace Noshiko briefly before flying away into the night.

When she looks up, Stiles is gone again.

Pretty flies for some white guys

If you didn’t hate the common housefly before this episode of “Teen Wolf,” it’s a safe bet that you’ve changed your mind after seeing what Stiles’ bugs can do.

First, one gets to the hospital and burrows into Isaac through his IV needle. The next fly lands on Derek, getting to the inside via a slash left by the earlier Oni attack. Fly number 3 lands in the water, only to get splashed into Ethan’s face when he and Danny are in the locker room.

A little later, Aiden gets his fly too — in a parking lot where he and Lydia have found a passed-out Stiles.

Initially, the flies seem to do little damage, other than causing creepily glowing eyes. They actually seem to work by stimulating sex drives — Allison gets some kissing and Danny gets a two-man shower from their respective fly-zombies.

But the first signs of aggression begin to arise quickly. Derek vents his frustrations about the Argent family’s damage to the Hales over the years by tying up and torturing Chris Argent. Isaac shackles Allison to her bed while she sleeps and then heads out to look for the Twins. As for those Twins, Ethan and Aiden want to fight both Isaac and each other.

It’s kind of a mess.

Happy kissing time for Scott and Kira

Throughout all of this, Scott and Kira have the tough job of hiding in Scott’s room and sharing his bed. These sweet little lovebirds don’t have sex or anything, but they do share a kiss and then spend the night spooning.

In the morning, Scott finds a “Call me” note … And traps a fly under a drinking glass. Bullet dodged there, Scott!

Evil Stiles is a rotten patient

After finding Stiles passed out, Scott and friends drag the kid back to the McCall house. Melissa has some ideas about visiting the hospital, but everyone knows that would be a very, very bad idea after last time.

Unfortunately, Stiles is still evil and is therefore a terrible patient. He taunts Aiden into leaving and has to have his mouth duct-taped shut to keep him from driving everyone insane (possibly literally). At least Dr. Deaton is there with a vial of kanima venom to paralyze Stiles for the time being.

The others wisely keep that duct tape intact most of the time — Melissa pulls it off briefly, only to hear Evil Stiles threaten to tell Scott why his parents split up. Apparently, the cause of the split is on Melissa and is so bad that Scott would never forgive her.

Wow. Not cool, Evil Stiles. Not cool.

Here’s a terrible great idea — let’s call Peter!

No solutions to the Stiles problem presenting themselves, Lydia brings up a terrible (although possibly effective) idea: Ask Peter Hale.

Peter is actually not a terrible choice. He doesn’t care what happens to Stiles, and he does know way more about supernatural stuff than everyone. The former/maybe-current Alpha tells Scott and Lydia to get into Stiles’ head and pull the real boy out of the nogitsune.

What could go wrong?

Girl power to the rescue!

Remember all that werewolf fighting happening over at the school? Well, it is all getting out of hand until Kira and Allison show up to kick some butt. They technically only kick butt briefly before letting the boys deal with their considerable aggression issues.

When that doesn’t last forever, the girls go charging in with arrows and swords a-blazing. Nobody dies though. You can thank Scott and Lydia for that one.

Hookups, a blast from the past and gauze-vomit save the day?

The inside of Stiles’ brain proves more tricky than originally anticipated. Scott and Lydia wake up strapped to beds in Echo House and are then separated for individualized odysseys.

For Lydia, this means a trip back to that fateful high-school dance when Peter bit her on the football field. She is wandering the halls this time, searching in vain for Jackson to come and get her.

It doesn’t work — Colton Haynes is under contract elsewhere. But his absence (and Peter screaming) does remind Lydia of where she really is and why she is there. It’s not just about balloons!

Scott, meanwhile, has a more immediate concern to deal with. He magically finds himself in a closet with Allison. For anyone who has missed make-out sessions between Scott and Allison, here’s your gift for the season!

Alas, Lydia isn’t really at a school dance, and Scott and Allison aren’t dating. It’s all a nogitsune trick. And when the two break free of the illusion, they find themselves in that big, white Nemeton room with Stiles and the nogitsune right in front of them. It’s just too bad that this is a magical white room that no one can cross, no matter how long and how fast he or she runs.

You see, Stiles and the nogitsune are busy playing the game of Go — and Stiles doesn’t even notice his friends. This is why it’s a good idea to have a werewolf howl and a Lydia to remind you of it. At Scott’s call, Stiles realizes what’s happening and …

… The real world comes flooding back. Scott and Lydia are out safely, but Stiles still has a problem. That problem would be gauze vomit. Yes, “Teen Wolf” is going back to its snake-slithering-in-and-out-of-Jackson roots and terrifying its audience. Who knew puking out roughly an entire mummy would be so thoroughly disgusting?

It might work though. The massive pile of bandages seems to hide a secret, a secret named Stiles. Is this the real Stiles? If so, who was the vomiter? And where did he go? Have we reached happily ever after? Which Stiles is which? Where did other-Stiles take Lyd

Anyone else want to scream?

At least all the flies are dead now.

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