teen wolf season 3 finale kate argent isaac mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 finale: Did you expect Kate Argent's return in 'The Divine Move'?

“Teen Wolf” doesn’t stop its twists with a big death. No, the show’s Season 3 finale, “The Divine Move,” built on last week’s death of Allison Argent by bringing back the supposedly dead Kate Argent.

Did you expect Crazy Aunt Kate to return? And how about those other deaths?

Impressively, there were only a few subtle hints that Kate might return throughout the second half of “Teen Wolf” Season 3. She appeared briefly in Allison’s hallucinations all the way back in the first episodes of the winter. And then Argent had his strange reaction to the wolfsbane-loaded shotgun shells in “Insatiable.”

That was perhaps the biggest clue of all. Back in Season 1, Kate announced her arrival to Beacon Hills by shooting Derek with a shell just like that.

Now here’s one more question: Even if you guessed that Kate was back, did you expect the funky werewolf thing?

Posted by:Laurel Brown