teen wolf ian bohen interview peter hale mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 3: Ian Bohen dishes on Peter's fatherhood and manipulations

Peter Hale is a daddy!

“Teen Wolf” dropped that particular bombshell on its audience in the “Letharia Vulpina” episode of the show. Not only that, but Peter’s child is none other than Malia, the coyote-girl seen at the beginning of Season 3b.

What does this mean for Peter? What sort of manipulations is he up to this season? Actor Ian Bohen has the answers.

Where has Peter Hale been all season?

Bohen: The technical answer is that there’s so many characters and so many storylines to be serviced, there’s just so much time and they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do.

Because I don’t interact with all of the kids as much as I do with Derek. So if he’s not around, I’m not around. The official answer would be, I don’t know if he’s plotting or scheming or doing something like that.

Why doesn’t Peter know that he has a child?

Bohen: Talia took that memory from him because she didn’t want him to screw up this child.

Does Peter know anything about Malia?

Bohen: My character doesn’t know, even when he hears the name, he doesn’t know the person.

What’s the importance of Peter being the father of the girl?

Bohen: It’s going to be a big deal when he finally gets together with said child … He’s going to use the revelation to ultimately get what he wants. It’s going to be a tool for him.

teen wolf ian bohen interview malia mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 3: Ian Bohen dishes on Peter's fatherhood and manipulationsWill being a father make Peter any more trustworthy than he has been?

Bohen: I think Peter’s kind of in, what do you call it, the platform when it’s not going up? A plateau. He’s plateauing right now, he’s biding his time, he’s earning trust, he’s not doing anything too bad. And he’s getting to the point where everyone forgets how awful he was. Because they’re always wanting to kill him, and now he’s sort of trustworthy. They’re like, ‘You’re fine. You can be in the party.’ Just to build up to what he wants ultimately.

“Teen Wolf” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown