teen wolf season 3 evil druid puppy identity mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 mystery: 10 evil druid possibilities

Now that we’re four episodes into “Teen Wolf” Season 3, it’s time to begin puzzling over the identity of the Big Bad. Last season, it was the kanima (and the person controlling that monster). This season, it seems to be an evil, serial-killing, human-sacrificing druid with an awesome soundtrack.

So who is the darach? We rank the 10 most likely choices here:

1. Jennifer Blake, English teacher and Derek Hale potential love interest

Look at the facts: Ms. Blake is new. The freaky birds attacked her class at school. Mr. Harris, who seemed to know his attacker, was a co-worker. This English teacher randomly hangs out in high-school boiler rooms shortly before dawn. Her being a good guy would make Derek happy.

Obviously, Jennifer Blake is evil. But is she creepy-music-toting evil?

2. Gerard Argent

Remember how Grandpa Gerard went and disappeared mere seconds after he supposedly died in a fountain of black goo in the Season 2 finale? We haven’t gotten any sort of explanation about what happened to the guy since then. The eldest of the psycho Argents could totally be on a druidic killing spree.

3. Ms. Morell

She’s not just a French teacher/guidance counselor — Ms. Morell is also a mysterious, double-crossing werewolf expert. Her allegiance seems to be with the Alpha pack for the moment, but that could be covering for something even more sinister.

4. Cora Hale

What happened to Cora after the Hale house fire all those years before? Why did she think Derek was dead — and vice versa? How did Cora end up a captive of the Alphas? There are so many questions swirling around Derek’s baby sister that any answer — even a random devotion to dark oaks — is possible.

5. One or all of the Alphas

The presumed villains of Season 3 could still be the actual villains of Season 3. After all, we know they’re evil and scheming and ruthless. That fits with the general M.O. for the human-sacrifice killer. It would be a tough twist to pull off, but “Teen Wolf” has succeeded with weirder plots.

6. Lydia

With those fugue states back and not caused by an undead Peter Hale, there are many serious questions surrounding Lydia. A lack of blood and/or motive suggests that she isn’t directly doing the killing, but her presence at multiple crime scenes raises suspicions.

7. Scott’s father

Until “Teen Wolf” reveals the identity of this deadbeat dad, he will always be a suspect for everything mysterious in Beacon Hills. The fact that Deucalion knew about and feared Scott also hints at a greater role for the boy’s lineage in Season 3.

8. Dr. Deaton

Unless the good and all-knowing veterinarian of Beacon Hills really wants to get himself caught, it’s not likely that Deaton did the druid thing. On the other hand, his rather extensive knowledge of druidic ways had to come from somewhere — and that somewhere lay in a past the vet didn’t want to talk about.

9. Danny

Any excuse to give Danny more to do is worthwhile. But of course he’s too sweet to ever kill anyone. Tease them about sex maybe, but not kill.

10. Mr. Harris or that music teacher

One of the biggest twists you can ever have is when the murder victim turns out to be the real killer. Were that the case, then Mr. Harris would be an obvious choice. No one in Beacon Hills is creepier! Also keep in mind that that anonymous music teacher’s body hasn’t been found. Until it is, he remains a suspect (albeit a weak one).

Who do you think is the druid killer? One of these 10, or someone else?

“Teen Wolf” Season 3 airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown