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“Teen Wolf” Season 3, Part 2 begins tonight, and we’ve got a rundown of all the information you need going into the next 12 episodes. 
Despite all of your not-so-subtle hints that you’d like “Teen Wolf” Season 3, Part 1 for Christmas, your family didn’t set it under the tree this holiday season. But not to worry! If you can’t rewatch the 12 most recent episodes of the show, we’ve gathered up all the important bits you’ll need going into the new year.
Major plot points
What were the biggest plots of the summer season, and where do our heroes stand now?

The Alpha Pack
In the first half of the season, the Alpha Pack was one of the major antagonists for Scott and his friends. The pack included Deucalion, Kali, Ennis, Ethan, and Aiden. Deucalion, the leader, wanted both Derek and Scott in his pack, and he was willing to do just about anything to get them. At first, Deuc’s focus was solely on Derek. The sometimes-blind Demon Wolf wanted Derek to kill his pack members, thereby taking their power for his own and becoming an Alpha that was worthy of an Alpha Pack. The focus soon shifted to Scott, however, and we learned that he was a True Alpha. Deucalion wanted Scott in his pack because of this, but was willing to destroy any chances of Scott’s ability to rise to that status if it meant the teen wolf wouldn’t join him. In the end, Ennis and Kali were killed, Ethan and Aiden helped Scott and his friends, and Deucalion’s sight was restored. He was let go by Scott and Derek with the promise that if he did anything they didn’t like, he would never see them coming and they wouldn’t hesitate to take his life.

The Darach
It turns out that Jennifer Blake was a little more than just a high school English teacher. She was the Darach, a Dark Druid, who sacrificed people in order to gain power. She wanted this power in order to defeat the Alpha Pack, particularly Deucalion, whose Demon Wolf abilities made him a formidable opponent. Jennifer, once known as Julia, had been Kali’s emissary many years ago. In order to join Deucalion’s pack, Kali had to kill her betas and her emissary. That emissary was Julia. Unable to deliver the final blow, but believing that she was as good as dead anyway, Kali walked away. Julia, however, crawled to the Nemeton in the hopes that it had a little bit of power left. It did. Derek’s sacrifice of Paige a few months earlier allowed Julia to survive, albeit in a disfigured and unhinged way. Returning to Beacon Hills under a new guise, Jennifer hid in plain sight for most of the season. It was only when she nearly killed Lydia for knowing too much that we realized the sweet English teacher was not so innocent. For several episodes, Jennifer continued to move her pieces into place. But in the end, a combination of Deucalion and Peter’s claws finished her off for good.
The Nemeton
The Nemeton is the large, cut-down tree that has been influencing Scott, Allison, and Stiles for far longer than they were aware of it. The Nemeton is a sacred place for the Druids, and they believe that it brings power and protection when treated correctly, and strife and despair when not. Unfortunately, the Nemeton was cut down some time ago, and its stores of power very nearly dried up. A few sacrifices later, however, and it’s bursting with new life — for better or for worse. The latest of these sacrifices involved Allison, Scott, and Stiles putting themselves in the places of their parents in order to find the Nemeton and rescue the three adults from Jennifer’s clutches. The result will be a darkness around their hearts and the transformation of the Nemeton into something much more powerful than it has been in a long time.
The True Alpha
A True Alpha is an Alpha that does not need to kill or steal power in order to become leader of the pack. A True Alpha rises to that status using his or her willpower and their virtue as a person. Scott’s morals, being the strongest of anyone’s on the show, allowed him to do just that in Season 3, episode 12. In order to get through Jennifer’s mountain ash circle and save the guardians that were being sacrificed, Scott accepted his role as Alpha and became more powerful because of it. Though he hasn’t built his pack in the usual means, it has been obvious for some time now that some of his human and supernatural friends are aligned with him regardless. So, going into Season 3, Scott will not only be an Alpha, but have a pack to support him as well. And, unfortunately, he’ll need all the help he can get going up against the ever-manipulative Peter Hale and whatever else the Nemeton decides to bring to Beacon Hills.  
Our heroes
Which of our heroes are left standing, and what’s next for them and the ones they care about most?


Scott is now an Alpha of his rag-tag pack of friends, and he’s got a lot on his plate. Some of his friends died this season, and he’ll do anything to keep the ones that remain safe. He’ll also be looking out for his mother as well, of course, but the sudden appearance of his FBI agent of a father makes that whole situation even more tricky.


Allison and her father tried to give up being hunters, but it didn’t work out so well for them. After lying to each other for most of these past 12 episodes, they finally seem to be on the same page. Allison has come up with a new plan, though, and a change in their code: “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”


Stiles and his father both went through a lot this season. In the end, they both survived, and Sheriff Stilinski now knows the truth about werewolves, kanimas, Druids, and emissaries. Stiles suffered from his first panic attack in a long time, and he’s been slowly losing his patience for the entirety of these last 12 episodes.


Derek rose to an Alpha quickly and violently at the end of Season 1, but his fall back to being a Beta was much more poignant and selfless. In order to save his sister’s life, he needed to give up that power, and he did so without a second’s hesitation. At the end of the mid-season finale, we see Derek and Cora leaving Beacon Hills without a backward’s glance.


We finally know that all of Lydia’s screaming hasn’t be for naught, although the extent of her powers is still a mystery to us. Lydia is a Banshee, and even though we know it has something to do with knowing when death is imminent, we’re still not sure how it works. Regardless, Lydia seems pretty happy with her lot in life, and has hooked up with Aiden for the time being, despite the kiss she shared with Stiles.


Isaac’s arc this season had a lot to do with being sassy and wearing scarves, but it also focused on the aftereffects of the way his father had treated him. Terrified of confined spaces, he had to confront those fears face first on more than one occasion. And despite their past encounters, it looks like Allison and Isaac may be trying to explore their relationship on a deeper level.
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