teen wolf season 3b premiere anchors stiles recap mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 3b premiere: Lunacy for Stiles and the gang in 'Anchors'

“Teen Wolf” returns for its Season 3 winter premiere, “Anchors,” and everything immediately goes insane. Coming back from the dead apparently didn’t agree with the kids, and now they may be doomed. Find out how in this recap.

The crazy of Stiles

Stiles starts off “Anchors” in a dream within a dream within a dream within — basically, think “Inception,” but a lot less happy and fun. The poor kid doesn’t have much of a clue anymore of when he’s awake and when he’s asleep. This is mostly because both states are super messed-up.

In the dreams, for example, Stiles wanders around classrooms with giant supernatural trees and “wakes up” in bed with Lydia. He also goes to school while he’s asleep, which just plain sucks.

When Stiles finally does wake up for real (probably), life isn’t much better. Words get all funky for him, with letters switching their order or turning into incomprehensible runes. Stiles eventually has a waking dream in class in which everyone is directing zombie-like sign language at him.

Dr. Deaton the all-knowing veterinarian can interpret sign language, fortunately, and informs Stiles that the silent message is a riddle. Because this is Stiles and of course it’s a riddle.
“When is a door not a door?”

That would be when it’s ajar. (Get it?)

The crazy of Scott

Stiles isn’t the only crazy boy in town. Scott is having problems of his own, mostly involving a sudden inability to control his wolfy powers. He repeatedly sees his shadow transform into a wolf or grow claws, even when this isn’t happening in real life. On two occasions, Scott also begins to lose it completely, beginning to transform.

Without Allison in his life, Scott can only stop going full lycanthrope by either causing himself pain or taking wise advice from his mom.

On another out-of-control front, Scott is totally into Kira, the new girl who just so happens to know way too much about demons and Buddhist progression to death. This is either a supernatural connection or just normal hormones. It’s too early to tell at this point.

The crazy of Allison

Naturally, Allison’s craziness takes on the most violent form of the three. She is still an Argent, after all. Crazy violence is almost normal for those guys.

But Allison is getting a little crazier than her family’s admittedly low bar will allow. She has several violent visions of Crazy Aunt Kate (who is, you will recall, very dead). Another vision causes Allison to shoot an arrow at Lydia’s head — an arrow only stopped by Isaac being a stalker and following the girls. A final vision has Allison hooking up with Isaac, only to see Aunt Kate strangle the poor boy while Allison gets to stab him.

This would all be just a bad dream, were it not for the fact that Allison finds herself holding the knife when she awakens.

The cause of the crazy

While no one really knows fully what’s going on yet, the people involved and the types of insanity we’re seeing mean that this is all due to that supernatural coming-back-from-the-dead thing that the trio did in the summer finale. The vet did say that there would be side effects.

But even he didn’t expect all of this. Honestly, there’s a good chance that evil demons are squeezing their way into our heroes’ minds. Could the good guys become the bad guys before Season 3 ends?

Other problems

This being “Teen Wolf,” the kids don’t get just one sort of problem to deal with. Other pressing issues include:

  • Scott’s dad is actively trying to get Stiles’ dad fired, even though he claims it’s just an audit.
  • Sheriff Stilinski, meanwhile, is dedicated to looking back at old cases to find supernatural elements in them. He does.
  • One case, a several-year-old car crash that killed a mother and two kids, looks to be the result of a werewolf attack. It all gets even stranger when it appears that the younger daughter didn’t die — she’s a wolf or some form of shape-shifter, still living in the woods.
  • Isaac is living with Scott. This is hard on both Isaac and the house whenever Scott gets irritated at the guy who’s stealing Allison.
  • There’s a new history teacher at Beacon Hills High. While he only manages to embarrass his daughter, Kira, in the first episode, he’s probably a bit of a problem too.
  • Then there’s the Hales. Cora Hale is off being Queen Mary (on The CW’s “Reign”), but the guys are not having quite so much fun. In fact, Derek and Uncle Peter are busy getting electrocuted repeatedly by some unknown person. This is all Peter’s fault.

“Teen Wolf” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. What did you think of the return episode?

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