teen wolf cast photo mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 4 episode 10: Was Meredith really The Benefactor?

In tonight’s special viewing of “Teen Wolf” before the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards supernaturals teamed up against their assassins, we find out the real benefactor, and oh yeah, Stiles gets his girl back. Spoilers ahead. 

Meredith got the dead pool Idea from…Peter?
Meredith has been saying all along that all she’s wanted to do was help, but which side? After Lydia and Stiles are saved from the Eichen House basement, Meredith only asks to speak to one person in the police station — Peter Hale. 

It turns out after Lydia’s grandmother drove Meredith insane, Meredith spent a few weeks in a coma just a few beds over from Peter Hale — the only survivor of the Hale family fire. Due to her banshee powers Meredith was able to hear all of Peter’s thoughts as if he were sitting on her bed explaining it all to her. In Peter’s comatose rage he revealed his entire plan to use the Hale family fortune to create the dead pool and remake Beacon Hills’ supernatural population in his evil image. 
Does this mean that Peter will finally have to pay for the three plus seasons of horror he’s enacted on our favorite werewolf habitat town? Of course not. Legal technicalities prevent Sheriff Stilinski from putting a bullet between Hale’s werewolf blue eyes and the evil mastermind walks away yet again. 
Scott VS The Assassins

Meanwhile, Scott is trying to keep true to his promise that no more supernaturals are going to die on his watch. He teams up with Papa Argent and the Buddhist pack of werewolves to take on their hunters. They send out a signal to all of the potential assassins — both professional and amateur — to come at them. 
It’s a full out attack, and even Derek steps up to help take out the hunters. It seems like Scott may be in danger of losing his red eyes in favor of blue ones as he attacks an amateur assassin. Just as his conscience is kicking in his victim’s phone buzzes to announce — gasp — all benefactor contracts have been canceled! 

Stiles, Malia and the dead pool 
There’s nothing like a dead pool to bring people back together, right? After hearing that Stiles almost died in the basement, Malia comes to the hospital to see if he’s okay. Things are still tense, however, since Malia is still struggling with the fact Stiles kept the fact that Peter is her father a secret. Thanks to some clever engineering (you’re the best Mama McCall!) the two are forced to work out their issues. “Even smart people do stupid things,” Stiles tries to explain. It’s okay though, because Malia likes him, likes him a lot, and after a little lip lockage the two are back to solving supernatural mysteries. 

Their first order of business is to decode the tape Stiles found at Eichen House. Thanks to Malia’s werecoyote hearing she recognizes the record player from Lydia’s lake house in the background. Stiles and Malia head out there to see what they can find. Hidden behind the wall they find those 1970s computers from Lydia’s flashback last week about her grandmother — it is what has been sending out the dead pool correspondence. With some super sleuth help from Lydia, Stiles and Malia find the key to shut the whole thing down and it seems that Beacon Hills will be safe from the Benefactor once and for all. 
…Everyone but Scott that is. 
You know that icky feeling you’ve been having about Peter and Kate Argent hanging out and having secret meetings in the sewer? It’s deserved. Peter is a bit on edge because things haven’t gone exactly how he planned and Kate accuses him of backing out on the plan. 
“No, of course not,” Peter says menacingly, trying to look introspective as he runs his hand under some sewer runoff (gross?) “Not when I’m this close to killing Scott McCall.” 
Can someone explain why this guy keeps getting let go? See Kate and Peter’s evil plan get the full reveal next Monday, Sept. 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. 
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