teen wolf 403 muted derek yellow eyes mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 4, episode 3: Lacrosse, family murdering ax murderers and other 'Muted' problems

This is the episode when “Teen Wolf” Season 4 really gets going. Forget trips to Mexico, Kate problems or Hale heists: Episode 3, “Muted,” is where the real action starts.

Considering that this one episode manages to work in lacrosse (it’s back!), romance, calculus, a new monster, Liam the lacrosse prodigy and Mutey the Assassin, “Muted” is one that can’t be missed.

But if you did miss anything, that’s what recaps are for.

Who needs supernatural killers when you’ve got Mutey

Mutey the Assassin probably has some sort of official name, but he hasn’t said it yet. This is only partially because the creepy man doesn’t have a mouth — like no opening at all where the mouth should be. He talks with a computer and eats via a tube to the neck. It’s super terrifying, which is something on a show that delights in monsters and blood on a weekly basis.

We get our first look at Mutey when the man decides to take out a lovely Beacon Hills family with just one ax. Only a teenage son, Sean (a handsome young man who thoughtfully removes his shirt early in the episode), manages to escape.

But does he really escape, mentally? When next we see Sean, he’s bloody and in the hospital. His family, meanwhile, is in the morgue, carved up with ax wounds.

Can Braeden be Derek’s girlfriend if he’s paying her?

Braeden the mercenary has been hired by Peter and Derek Hale to find and bring back Kate. They want the were-jaguar (and possible heist mastermind) before the Calaveras family gets her, and Braeden is happy to oblige.

But that means all of the Hale money is going to one big expenditure. It also means that Braeden gets to hang out and flirt with the newly yellow-eyed Derek Hale.

Keep in mind that mercenary is a huge step up in quality from Derek’s past relationships.

Lacrosse, real estate and more of the simple things in life

Despite all of the action, “Muted” takes some time to check in with the normal(ish), day-to-day workings of Beacon Hills. What this means above all else is one thing: lacrosse.

Yes, lacrosse is back! And there are a few new players coming into the mix in Season 4. First of all, there’s Liam, a freshman so good that Stiles is convinced the kid must be a were-cheetah or something like that. Then there’s an incredibly beautiful (even by “Teen Wolf” standards) guy named Garrett. Garrett doesn’t do much besides make sarcastic remarks, but he’s pretty so it’s OK.

Finally, the newest member of the lacrosse team might be none other than Kira! The stick is a little like her sword, so she’s probably going to be pretty awesome at the sport.

She needs something to be happy about too, considering that her love life is awkward and her parents want to move her back to New York. The move remains unresolved in “Muted,” but at least Scott and Kira move past tender hugs and granny kisses to full-on make-out sessions in the hallway.

Life won’t resolve so easily for Malia. She doesn’t get math, which is fair considering she has spent most of her life as a coyote. Also, based on the symbols written on the board, Malia might be studying differential calculus. That stuff is really hard.

Things are not what they seem

The twists of this “Teen Wolf” episode may begin with Scott putting Liam in the hospital. It’s an accident, but Scott still feels guilty about it and hangs around waiting for Liam to find out if his ankle is sprained or broken.

Lydia, meanwhile, shows up at Sean’s house where she and Deputy Parrish soon find a secret cold-storage room. Parrish’s first guess is that it’s a game room for venison. But it’s not venison — it’s people. It seems that the dead family may have had a few bloody secrets of its own.

Lydia’s connection to all of this only grows when it turns out her math notes are actually a weird code that Mutey has been reading too.

Scott gets the warning that Sean might be dangerous — what with all the dead bodies under his house — but that’s not soon enough to keep Melissa safe. She goes to check on Sean in his room, only to find the kid hunched over a dead and disemboweled deputy.

So there are wendigos in Beacon Hills? Really, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. But it is to Melissa. She narrowly avoids being eaten when Scott arrives, but poor Liam (who is having a rotten day) is next on Sean’s to-eat list. Scott chases the two boys to the roof and manages to pull Sean away from Liam.

Unfortunately, Liam ends up dangling from the rooftop while Sean pins Scott’s arms. The younger boy is about to fall, so Scott needs to make a choice: He bites Liam’s arm to hold him. Only a moment later, Sean is killed from behind by Mutey. The assassin doesn’t seem to want to kill Scott, even though something rather dangerous has just happened.

Scott bit Liam. Scott is an Alpha now. That means Liam may just be the next member of Scott’s ever-growing pack.

He’s going to be really good at lacrosse now!

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