teen wolf season 4 episode 7 weaponized stiles mtv 'Teen Wolf' Season 4, episode 7: Disease and assassins strike in 'Weaponized'

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 was even more horrifying than usual in episode 7, “Weaponized.” What inspired so much terror? Here are 10 things to give all viewers the chills.

1. A creepy proctor — Even if that test administrator hadn’t been a secret assassin, trying to kill werewolves with disease, he would have been a bit of a creep. That’s what you get with a monotone voice and eyes that don’t blink.

2. Claws and fangs all over the place — When a disease comes along that makes a werewolf go all feral, it just doesn’t look good.

3. Smallpox-like sores — Speaking of things that don’t look good, how creepy were those sores all over the humans’ bodies? Yuck.

4. Dead Meredith — Why exactly was there a photo showing late banshee Meredith standing in Lydia’s family’s lake home?

5. Blindness — There are few things creepier than movie blindness, especially when caused by creepy diseases.

6. Werewolf autopsy — I mean, sure the guy was already dead. But it was still really disturbing to see Melissa and Deaton digging out the poor werewolf’s innards.

7. Tea > CDC — The CDC is helpless in the face of this disease, but a simple cup of tea is plenty to save the day. Why do we have doctors again?

8. Needles and shocks — Not only did “Weaponized” feel the need to show a needle being injected under the skin (yikes) but it also produced a shock from Kira that might have breached CDC lady’s hazmat suit. That’s scary stuff there.

9. Don’t touch that! — Did anyone else freak out completely when Lydia’s mom kept touching the skin of infected people?

10. The PSAT — Forget all of the disease and horror-movie problems and blood. Standardized tests are the real evil in this world.

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Posted by:Laurel Brown