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The big question of “Teen Wolf” Season 4 has been a deceptively simple one: Who is the Benefactor? That shadowy figure has been paying out millions to anyone willing to kill a supernatural or two, but no investigations and no traps have led Scott and his pack to this mysterious person’s identity.

While the most recent episode, “Time of Death,” postulated a totally new suspect — Lydia’s supposedly dead grandmother — that’s hardly enough to make a final decision.

Take a look at some of the more likely possibilities below and then vote in the poll for your choice of Benefactor!

A hunter

Considering that the names on the deadpool are all those of supernatural creatures, having the Benefactor be a hunter makes sense. Hunters keep track of supernaturals, ready to kill any that seem dangerous. If a Hunter went off the rails — like Kate Argent back in Season 1 — wiping out all supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills would work.

Which hunters though? The Argent clan has only a few viable subjects left. Grandpa Gerard is definitely capable of a plan like this, but would he have the means or the ability to carry out the Benefactor’s work? After all, last time we saw Gerard, he was a sickly mess spouting black goo. There’s also Chris Argent to consider. He seems to be on Scott’s side — and probably is — but don’t forget that this is a guy who has lost his entire immediate family (one way or another) to supernatural creatures.

The only other family of hunters we’ve met are the Calaveras. Rigid and happy to spill blood, these hunters are a very likely choice except for one thing: They like to do all of their own killing. Would any Calavera farm-out supernatural-hunting to an assassin?

A free agent

Could the Benefactor be someone who knows all about supernatural creatures but has only just decided to kill them all? We are seeing a lot of Braeden this season — could that mean that the mercenary is the Benefactor? But even if she is sleeping with Derek Hale (a sign of evil if ever there was one), Braeden is in this business to make money, not spend it.

How about someone all-too-knowledgeable about supernaturals like Dr. Deaton or Miss Moreau. It wouldn’t be a shock to find out that the world’s creepiest guidance counselor/French teacher was involved. As for Deaton, let’s just assume he’s a good guy. The alternative is too disturbing.

A family member

There are plenty of “Teen Wolf” family members available for Benefactor possibilities. As of “Time of Death,” for example, pretty much the entire Martin family is suspect. And if Lydia’s grandmother really is alive, that’s a huge red flag.

But Lydia’s family isn’t the only one to think about. There is also Malia’s troubled past — an adoptive father, a birth father and a birth mother are all suspects we should consider. Why bring up Malia’s long-forgotten mommy if that were not important?

Add in less-likely but still possible suspects like Liam’s doctor stepfather or Kira’s dad and the Benefactor suspects only grow.

An unknown quantity

Has the “Teen Wolf” audience even met the Benefactor yet? If the answer is no, then just about anyone could be behind the killings. Scary thought, isn’t it?

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown