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“Teen Wolf” Season 4 is going to look a lot different than the premiere of Season 3. With the death of Allison, the departure of Isaac and the general air of grief and horror following the characters into the new episodes, things have to change.

But how will they change specifically? Keep reading for some Season 4 spoilers from “Teen Wolf” creator Jeff Davis.

Wolves, south of the border

Look for some of the “Teen Wolf” action to take place outside of Beacon Hills in Season 4. Starting with the premiere episode, there will be some traveling. Why? That part remains a mystery, but Davis does offer some hints to Zap2it: “The first episode of season 4 takes place in Mexico.”

Have the boys taken a road trip? Is this a flashback of some sort? Are those possibly-Mexican hunters seen in Season 3 coming back?

Remember how bad ‘Empire Strikes Back’ was for the heroes?

It might be good to remember that things don’t always go the way we want them to for the good guys. Season 4 may be an example of that. “I came up with an idea, literally just couple of weeks ago,” Davis tells us. “It comes out of real-life issues … and you’ll see it brings in some new villains and some very difficult times for Scott and his friends and his family.”

When pressed to explain what this might mean, Davis only adds, “There’s a feeling of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in Season 4.”

Girl power!

Although Allison has gone from the “Teen Wolf” scene, there are several other young woman still around — and girl power doesn’t even begin to describe these ladies. Lydia (a banshee), Kira (a kitsune) and Malia (a were-coyote) all feature prominently in Season 4.

“One of the things that I really like in Season 4 is the friendship developing between Kira, Malia and Lydia,” Davis says in an interview with E! Online. “We have this trio of girls who are becoming a very powerful part of the show, which is just awesome.”

It’s not just going to be about romance and love triangles for the ladies either. While Stiles will have to figure out his feelings for Malia and Lydia, Davis promises that “you’ll definitely see some growing feelings between Malia and Stiles.”

“Kira, Arden [Cho], is just amazing. She’s back full-time on the show, as well,” he says. “I think Arden did a stunning job and stepped in to the role beautifully and we have so much more planned for her, for her and Scott as well, and her becoming part of his pack.”

Scott and Kira, meanwhile, will be taking it slow. “Kira doesn’t know what to do, she doesn’t know how much space to give him,” Davis says. “Scott doesn’t know what to do either, because he wants to be a gentleman and respect the girl he loved who is now dead, but he’s also a teenager and he’s falling in love.”

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 premieres June 23 on MTV.

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