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“Teen Wolf” Season 4 is spending a lot of time making us ask a scary question: Is Derek Hale going to die before the season finale? While obviously this is not desirable, the signs are there. Here are the reasons why Derek might be doomed.

The mid-season trailer is scary

Have you seen what happens to Derek in the mid-season trailer for “Teen Wolf” released at Comic-Con? If not, go watch it here

Derek looks awfully dead — or at least close to it — by the end of the trailer, something that is hardly comforting. Sure, he’s been almost dead before, but how many times can a guy almost die before it sticks?

‘Derek’ is the third cipher key

When you want to stay alive, it’s best not to have a banshee come up with your name. But that’s exactly what happened in “Orphaned” when Lydia had to figure out the final cipher key for the deadpool. Previously dead characters — Allison and Aiden — opened the first two parts of the cipher, but no dead name seemed to work for the third.

It was only when Stiles asked Lydia to think of someone who wasn’t dead yet that the code broke. This does seem to be some sort of prediction for Derek’s demise.

He is losing his powers

Whatever Kate Argent did to Derek in the break between Seasons 3 and 4, it seems to be draining the werewolf’s strength and other superhuman abilities. It also knocked the blue right out of Derek’s eyes, which seems way ominous.

If Derek loses his werewolfiness, that puts him in plenty of danger from the many, many bad eggs who want him killed. There’s a price on the guy’s head, after all, and it probably doesn’t matter whether or not Derek is a supernatural creature or not when death comes knocking.

Girlfriend = doom

Based on that aforementioned trailer and on some flirting seen already in Season 4, “Teen Wolf” is planning to pair up Derek with Braeden the mercenary. But dating never goes too well for Derek Hale.

Just consider Derek’s history with the ladies. Back in Season 1, Kate tortured and licked the werewolf, thereby offering much of his action for about two years. The next female to enter into Derek’s world was Jennifer Blake, also known as the darach. She was nothing but bad news.

Could this third girlfriend be the end for Derek? Braeden will have to work pretty hard to avoid it.

Surely someone has to die

While plenty of minor characters have bit the dust during Season 4 — most recently Garrett and Violet, along with Meredith — major characters have come through unscathed. That’s likely to change before the Season 4 finale.

Who is most directly in the line of fire? Scott is obviously safe. Little Liam will stick around for awhile since Dylan Sprayberry has already been announced as a Season 5 regular. No one would ever get rid of Stiles for good. Kira, Malia and Lydia all have important parts to play in the drama. But Derek? Is he necessary?

Of course, he is very desirable on “Teen Wolf” but how much does the show actually need a former Alpha who spends a lot of time brooding in an obviously cursed loft?

Does “Teen Wolf” need Derek at all? If he dies, then it seems that the answer would be no.

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Laurel Brown