jill wagner teen wolf mtv 'Teen Wolf's' Jill Wagner doesn't need the werejaguar growl on 'Wipeout'
Zap2it: Do you find that you’re getting along better than ever with the “Wipeout” contestants you interview and cheer on?
Jill Wagner: I’m from a small town in North Carolina, and I feel like I grew up around a lot of these people, the same kinds. I really relate to middle America and I love bright, vibrant, unique, interesting personalities.
I love to celebrate them, so I take it as a huge compliment that people think of me not so much as a host of the show, but just someone who’s hanging out with them like one of their buddies. I would far rather be that.
Zap2it: You’ve also returned to MTV’s “Teen Wolf” as a co-star, with your character Kate now transformed into a “were-jaguar.” How has that been going for you?

Jill Wagner: I have a bachelor’s degree in business and a minor in marketing … and I’m learning how to growl. You know what, though? It is so not a job to me. It’s fun, and that’s what I live my life by. When work seems like a job, I don’t do it anymore. I always want it to be something I’m interested in and something that challenges me.

Zap2it: How have you found your recent workload overall, also including the “Teen Wolf” after-show “Wolf Watch”?
Jill Wagner: I don’t know what I did in a previous life to be so lucky to have this much work. Maybe I’m not involved in Oscar-winning films, but it’s just so much fun and I enjoy it so much. I get to wake up and do something I love, which is very rare.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin