terra nova shannon family 'Terra Nova' featurette: You've heard it's big, right?You may have heard that “Terra Nova” is putting a lot of effort — really, a lot — into its digital effects, making sure the on-screen dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna look good on your TV screen.

But the show is also a pretty huge physical production, as you can see in the featurette below. The show’s crew built a massive outdoor set for the Terra Nova colony in Australia, so most of what you see as Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) and his family acclimate to their new home is real, as opposed to computer-generated.

“Terra Nova” follows the Shannon family as they travel from 2149 A.D. to 85 million years in the past, where colonists led by Cmdr. Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang of “Avatar”) attempt to restart human civilization and co-exist with dinosaurs. It premieres Monday, Sept. 26 on FOX.

Take a look at the great big set in Australia:

Posted by:Rick Porter