The tension between the main settlement of “Terra Nova” and the breakaway Sixers dials up a little more in Monday’s (Oct. 17) episode — all over a little girl.

Leah (guest star Morgana Davies) has apparently run away from the Sixers and wants refuge inside Terra Nova. Jim (Jason O’Mara) is willing to take her in, but Taylor (Stephen Lang) is suspicious, as he is of all things relating to the Sixers. When Mira (Christine Adams) comes calling, Taylor’s wariness over the girl — and possible Sixer sources inside the compound — only increases.

You can see their confrontation in the clip at the top of the post. We get the feeling that there will be more to Leah than meets the eye at first, because why else would Mira be so interested in a little girl? Losing someone to Taylor can’t be the only explanation.

Also in Monday’s episode, Reynolds (Dean Geyer) tells Maddy (Naomi Scott) how he feels about her. Aww … young love among the dinosaurs. “Terra Nova” airs at 8 p.m. ET Monday on FOX.

Posted by:Rick Porter