What could possibly make the BatKid story any better? What about the cast of “Arrow” thanking BatKid for fighting crime and giving them a month off?

That’s exactly what happens in a video posted to “Arrow” star Stephen Amell‘s Facebook page on Friday (Nov. 15).

Five-year-old Miles Scott — a leukemia survivor — got his wish to have a day as BatKid in San Francisco on Friday. Pretty much the whole city got involved, allowing Miles to defeat criminals, perform Batman stunts and even receive a key to the city. The kid got messages of support from President Obama and the First Lady, not to mention an adult Batman, actor Val Kilmer.

But the cast of “Arrow” may have topped all that with their simple-yet-perfect “Thanks BatKid” video. In it, the characters of Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and John Diggle discuss an unusual problem — there are no criminals to catch. The only possible explanation is BatKid and his monumental defeat of crime.

Thanks to BatKid, the Starling City crimefighters actually get a night off. Instead of chasing down bad guys, Oliver gets to go out for dinner. It’s all very nice.

And it’s possibly one of the best tributes ever, from one superhero to another.

Posted by:Laurel Brown