the 100 devon bostick talks jasper 'The 100': Devon Bostick reveals Jasper was supposed to die in the pilotJasper lives!

That became the battle cry for fans of The CW’s new series, “The 100,” at the end of the most recent episode when Jasper finally woke up after days of misery. He was slowly and (not-so) surely recovering from having a spear thrown clear through him by the mysterious Grounders living on Earth, and it turns out, Jasper’s portrayer Devon Bostick was never worried about Jasper’s chances for survival. You see, Jasper was never supposed to live through that attack.

Bostick reveals to Zap2it that when he signed on for the part, it was only for the first episode. “I knew that he was going to die. The role was very much dead,” Bostick says with a laugh. “It was just a guest star role, and I was so excited by the show and the character. I wanted people to be affected so much when he dies that it really, really sucks. And then it sucked so much that they didn’t want to kill me! So I hopped back onboard and now I’m on a swift recovery!”

Now that Jasper’s staying alive (for now, at least), Zap2it got Bostick on the line to talk about what’s coming next for the teens down on Earth. Check out the full Q&A below:

Zap2it: That’s got to be a nice feeling, knowing that the showrunners loved your work as Jasper so much they literally brought him back from the dead for you.
Devon Bostick: Yeah! It’s interesting. I was like, “How are you going to do that?” Obviously I had to go through quite a bit of pain and some nice tea and a little bit of pink seaweed should do the trick! [laughs] It’s very exciting. I was just so happy to be on the pilot because it’s such a great show, and then when they said that they wanted to bring me back and where they were taking the role, even though I had to be on my back for a couple episodes to recover, I was just thrilled.

So far, Jasper’s the only one on the ground who has had contact with these mysterious Grounders. Does he have any memory of that interaction?
I don’t think so. I was pretty unconscious after being speared. I imagine that Jasper was very out of it up until the last scene in the third episode when he wakes up and asks for a little whiskey. [laughs] But that was a cool reveal with the Grounders. Jasper got speared so obviously there’s someone else out there. And we heard the horn, and there was someone watching in the trees. And after the next episode, we’re really going to get to know what’s out there and the danger that Earth brings.

So what can you tell us about these Grounders? Are they people or something creepier?
Well, we left Earth about 100 years ago. And we thought there was no life left on Earth. Clearly we were wrong, but all we know is that what these people are — if they are even people at all — is imminent danger. We obviously seem like a threat to them and they are a big threat to us.

But there’s also danger lurking inside the camp as well, seeing as how one of the main characters, Wells, was just brutally murdered by innocent little Charlotte! What can you reveal about the fallout from that?
This next episode [on Wednesday, April 9] is actually about capital punishment and the reaction to Wells’ murder. It’s all about asking ourselves, “Well, can we kill people? How do we punish each other? What are the laws, what are the rules?” But there really are no rules. It’s like “Lord of the Flies” down there. It’s about the turmoil within the camp but soon we find out there are many problems outside the camp so they have to deal with all of their problems internally so they can face the danger out there.

It seems like each episode of “The 100” gets darker and darker. First there was Jasper’s attack, then Wells’ murder, and now you’re talking about capital punishment. Did you expect the series to get this dark when you signed on?
Actually, yeah I did. It was all because of this vision that [executive producer] Jason [Rothenberg] had, and everyone knew what they wanted to bring to the show. What I love about the pilot is that it is so clean and beautiful, seeing Earth for the first time. These kids are fresh-faced, but I knew that when you leave kids alone with no rules, and also the sci-fi genre itself, it allows for so much darkness and wild twists. It’s crazy how they killed off one of these characters that you never expected to go, and it’s going to get even darker. There’s talk of population control up on The Ark, they don’t have any resources up there, people down on Earth are dealing with a lot of blood shed as well. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this show because I really think it’s changing the tone of The CW.

Switching gears, let’s talk about something a little lighter than capital punishment and death and darkness — Jasper and Octavia! Love love love their relationship so far.
Jactavia, yeah! It’s so great because everything that Jasper does in the pilot is for Octavia. He’s so mesmerized by her and like a foolish boy he tries to throw himself in danger just to impress her. Luckily he’s alive and there is some interesting stuff coming up for them, for Jactavia [laughs].

Another relationship that fans really seem to love so far is Jasper’s friendship with Monty. What’s coming up for them?
Interestingly, the Jasper/Monty relationship, their bromance, with all the distractions and awful things going down around them, there’s a lot of politics going on. So things can get tough, even between these tight friends.

Uh oh, that sounds ominous …
Yeah, they’re brothers, basically, but there is just so much going on down on Earth that there is going to be drama.

So talk about this week’s episode, “Murphy’s Law.” What are you most excited for fans to see from the action-packed episode?
This week’s episode is one of my favorites. It’s all about the consequences that come from murdering people, or if you’re just down there having fun and not caring about survival, it’s pretty easy to get picked off. These politics start to form in the camp, trying to figure out, “What do we do when someone kills someone? Do we kill that person, or are they just allowed to do this and get away with it?” Laws are starting to be made and not necessarily great ones [laughs]. It’s going to be awesome and dark and scary. You may have to close your eyes at some points.

If you were down on Earth with these teens, who would you choose to follow: Clarke or Bellamy?
I’m Team Clarke, that’s for sure. She’s very proactive and cares all about the human race and making sure that it survives. Bellamy has a great arc as well but he shot the Chancellor and came down to try and start a revolution. I’m a good guy. I just want peace. Peace and love. But that’s very hard to find on the ground.

Watch a sneak peek clip from this Wednesday’s (April 9) episode below:

“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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