the 100 the calm recap 'The 100' episode 11 'The Calm' recap: Into the woods “The 100” once again forced viewers to question if any of the main characters are making the right choices, or if we should be rooting for them at all. In other words, what an incredible, risky, ultimately brilliant hour of TV.

We have been watching all the action on the ground unfold from the perspective of the 100 teens, so we automatically root for them and defend them and support them in any decisions they make if it means they’ll survive. But when the Grounders get to tell their side of the story, bit by bit each week, the lines between right and wrong get exponentially blurred. After the bridge explosion last week, Clarke and Finn (and redshirt Myles) have to pay the price for defending their camp, and the Grounders take their payment in blood. So who died and who made it through “The Calm” on Wednesday (May 28) alive?

After their food hut burns down (by accident? or by Murphy?), Bellamy and Clarke send out teams to hunt for food. Myles, the ultimate definition of a redshirt, asks to go with Clarke and Finn and is way too enthusiastic about hunting with them. Clarke and Finn quickly realize the tracks they’re following are too perfect — meaning the Grounders led them there — just as Anya and Grounders attack and kill Myles and knock out Clarke and Finn.

Back at camp, Bellamy gives Raven the idea to create walkie talkies instead of ditching the camp after her breakup with Finn. But she got so angry at seeing Finn and Clarke walk off to hunt together — assuming he’s already moving on (again) — that she throws herself and Bellamy. For those of you who hoped he would be the bigger guy and rebuff her advances out of respect for the clearly troubled Raven or his co-leader Clarke or literally anyone but himself, sorry, but that’s not really who Bellamy is. He’s a red-blooded teen who’s had a taste of freedom for the first time in his life, and was faced with a half-naked, equally-hot girl who wanted to bang. Obviously he doesn’t reject her. Their hookup is hot, but it’s obviously going to cause everyone trouble, and afterwards, they don’t even cuddle or speak or look at each other. When Bellamy asks, “Did that help?” she simply replies, “No” and walks out.

Clarke and Finn are dragged to the Grounder HQ — not blindfolded, always a bad sign — and Anya threatens Finn’s life unless Clarke can save another Grounder’s life. Tris, a young girl and Anya’s second in command, was injured during the bridge bomb explosion, so Anya blames Clarke for her injuries. Since Lincoln told Anya about the way Clarke saved Finn after he was stabbed, Anya believes Clarke can save Tris too, and since Finn’s life is once again on the line, she gets to work.

Clarke tries as hard as she can, but unfortunately, she can’t save Tris, and the Grounder dies. To be fair to Clarke, she’s only a teen who knows basic healing skills. Her operation on Finn was pure luck and she had her mother coaching her. Tris really didn’t stand a chance. Anya cuts off one of her braids (must be a symbolic act for the Grounders) and orders a Grounder to take Finn away and kill him, and Clarke watches him go as she breaks down crying. Is Finn really dead? That certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility — ahem, Wells — but it certainly would be a major risk for “The 100” to lose yet another main character.

After Anya leaves, another Grounder keeps watch over Clarke and tells her that she is going to be held captive for good, and be the new healer for the Grounders, but she kills a warrior and runs away. Watching her hold her hand over his mouth, whispering “shhhh” as she stares into his eyes is cold, disturbing, and so, so dark. In other words, it’s so, so good. Remember, this isn’t the first time Clarke has had to kill, and it’s interesting to see her be able to make that decision to kill so easily now. She didn’t despair or worry about what she was doing. She grabbed a scalpel and slit his throat and ran. She’ll do whatever it takes to survive. She keeps on running through the woods back to camp but gets caught in a trap and passes out upside down, hanging high above in the trees. Nice try, Clarke.

Back at camp, Monty realizes that everyone that went out to hunt is back except for Clarke, Finn and Myles, so he along with Raven, Bellamy and Octavia head out into the woods to find them. Raven, Bellamy and Octavia find the wounded Myles alive (so he’s not a redshirt yet!), and he tells them the Grounders took Clarke and Finn. They all believe that means they’re both dead already, and prepare to bring Myles back to camp, but they realize Monty stopped responding on the radio. A quick cut to where Monty was last shows the radio abandoned on the ground. Where did he go? And what was that weird noise he kept hearing on the radio?

Up on the Ark, “The 100” finally checked in on the space station after the Unity Day tragedy and Councilwoman Diana betrayed everyone by stealing the Exodus ship and launching early. It didn’t end well for her or the Ark itself, since it severely crippled the power and oxygen levels. Kane survived the Unity Day tragedy, and finds a dozen survivors and leads them to safety. But when they find out Jaha and two others are trapped with low levels of oxygen in the control room, they stay to help resuce them. They get through and save Jaha and the others, but then they wonder: What’s next?

We need to give a quick shout out to the new guy on the Ark, Wick, who Kane rescues and then proceeds to help everyone else. He’s hilarious and doesn’t take any bull from anyone, not even his councilmen. He’s pretty much the best. And it was kind of worrisome to see him introduced so late in the season and in such an awesome way because he could have been yet another redshirt, but he survives this hour like Myles. He even jokes with Kane before Kane risks his life to save more survivors that he wants his shoes when he dies.

Wick might have to wait a little longer for them though, since Kane worms his way through a ridiculously control hot shaft successfully to get to the mysterious survivors, and finds Abby — alive! She made it off the drop ship! Kane has earned his redemption now, wouldn’t you say?

It might be too soon to celebrate, though, since the Ark still has no more drop ships and the power is still severely damaged. The survivors might be gathering, but what can they do to save themselves?

“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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