the 100 episode 5 recap 'The 100' episode 5 recap: Clarke and Finn's morning after gets rudely interrupted by mass murder Think of your most awkward morning after situation. “The 100” just topped that.

No, seriously. Imagine this: You just woke up after spending the night with that special (or maybe not-so-special, we don’t judge!) someone, and their current significant other who you didn’t even know about because they thought they’d never see them again shows up to tell you that 300 people are about to die and it’s all your fault for lounging around, basking in that lazy, morning-after feeling. Awkward.

On Wednesday’s (April 16) episode of The CW’s new hit series, that’s exactly what happened to Clarke and Finn after they gave in to their feelings for each other. Raven made her way down to earth to reunite with her love (not knowing he’d already turned to another girl after just 10 days away) and to warn the teens about Kane’s population control plan — he wants to kill 300 people to save more oxygen since the adults still think all the teens on earth are dead. But hey, now that Raven’s seen for herself that earth is livable and most of the teens are alive, she can radio back to let the Ark know, right?

Wrong. Bellamy strikes again in “Twilight’s Last Gleaming.” He raced everyone else to Raven’s pod and got there first, and while she was still unconscious (she knocked her head pretty hard during her landing) he ripped out the radio and threw it in the river. He still thought he killed the Chancellor and didn’t want anyone else on the Ark to follow him down to earth to punish him. But Raven makes him realize he’s been screwing everyone over for no reason, because much to his surprise, the Chancellor survived Bellamy’s shooting. He has nothing to worry about if the Ark knows they’re alive, and he can actually help save 300 innocent lives by giving the radio back to Raven. Too bad it’s been ruined beyond repair.

But Raven being the brilliant mind she is, she comes up with a new plan. They don’t need to actually talk to the Ark, they just need to alert them that they’re still alive down on earth. She gets the entire camp to work, taking apart her launch pod to create three giant rocket flares, which they set off just moments too late.

You see, Kane’s population control plan was already approved by the council, and they decided that 300 innocent people will die. Turns out Clarke’s dad’s projections were wrong and the Ark is dying faster than they thought. Everyone on the Ark is displaying major signs of oxygen deprivation and things are looking bleak. Abby is still hopeful that Raven will make it to earth and to the 100 to prove that earth is safe, but she’s the only one with hope.

Kane tells Jaha the “culling” of the population will look like an accident — like a section of the ship malfunctioned and cut off the oxygen — and everyone killed will be asleep when it happens and won’t feel any pain. But Jaha tells Kane that Kane has to give the order since he’ll be the new chancellor — Jaha plans to be a part of the killed group. Since Wells is dead, Jaha doesn’t see anything to live for, and Abby is horrified when she learns that Jaha is planning to commit suicide, essentially.

That spurs Abby into making a choice that her husband tried to make months ago, the one that she turned him in for and got him floated (ironic and completely heartbreaking when you think of how unnecessary his death was). Abby releases Jake’s video about the Ark’s failures to the public, calling on the people to band together to figure something out. It brings out the best in the people, as more than enough needed to die volunteer to be sacrificed. That show of human kindness and selflessness plus Kane’s speech inspire Jaha to keep on living and being the Chancellor.

Jaha gives the order and the 300 volunteers — including the sweetest dad you’ll ever meet — are killed just as the teens on the ground launch their rockets. It was too late. Watching the juxtaposition of the hopeful teens seeing their handiwork take flight with the depressed people who have given up on the Ark was devastating. 300 innocent lives were lost, all because Bellamy destroyed the radio for nothing. This, plus Charlotte and Murphy’s incidents earlier, have definitely knocked the once-cocky leader down a few pegs. What will his role be in the camp now? Will he still co-lead with Clarke or will he take s step back?

While watching the rockets fly into the sky like fireworks, all the teens cheer, but Clarke and Bellamy know the reality of the situation is bleak. The Ark might not even see the rockets (Abby and Jaha do, though it’s unclear whether or not they realize the rockets are man-made or just shooting stars), or they might be too late (which they are). Watching Clarke and Bellamy bond over their hopelessness is intriguing, especially with Finn and Raven canoodling nearby. Will this new, less cocky Bellamy be a good romantic interest for Clarke now that Finn’s been reunited with his love? That’s definitely a couple worth rooting for now.

But while the rest of the teens are celebrating their kind-of victory, Octavia gets herself into quite the sticky situation. After getting into a fight with Bellamy about what he did to the Chancellor was wrong, Octavia runs away, trips on a rock, falls and hits her head. She wakes up 12 hours later … to find a Grounder staring her in the face! Yikes. This is the first real encounter a teen has had with a Grounder (Jasper was unconscious the whole time he was with them), so we have no idea what to expect. Is Octavia in trouble? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum