the 100 his sisters keeper recap 'The 100' episode 6 recap: No one wins when Grounders attack in 'His Sister's Keeper' Have you been able to start breathing again? Because we’re still having trouble after that action-packed, incredibly intense episode of “The 100.”

It was like “Lost” meets “Predator” when the Grounders attacked the teens on Earth, and pretty much everyone lost during “His Sister’s Keeper” on Wednesday (April 23). After Octavia was missing for longer than 12 hours, Bellamy started to worry and gathered up a search and rescue team to find his sister. But when they ventured into Grounder territory — marked with skeletons, yikes — it became open season on the teens. The Grounders chased and attacked without letting up, and one by one the teens got picked off and killed. This was one of the deadliest episodes yet, as the Grounders were brutal, vicious, and incredibly efficient in killing the teens.

But here’s something that’s going to make waiting a week for a new episode even more excruciating: The Grounder who picked up Octavia and carried her away actually helped the teens. First, he treated Octavia’s wounds and helped heal her. Then, he blew his horn to call off the other Grounders from attacking the rest of the teens. Why is he helping them? And why does it seem like he’s not affiliated with the Grounders that were attacking?

We’re going to learn more about the Grounders in later episodes, but this is an interesting clue to tease us with. Perhaps there are more than one tribe of Grounders on Earth, and maybe they’re not so friendly with each other. Did the teens manage to stumble into a war on the ground? And did they just piss off their one ally when they knocked out Octavia’s Grounder to bring her home?

While Octavia’s home safe, another character’s life is very much up in the air. Finn was majorly hurt during the rescue mission, and his odds are not looking good. The only hope he has at surviving this injury is if Raven can manage to get in contact with the Ark so Clarke can have her mother guide her through surgery. A.k.a., not the best situation. That certainly puts the whole Raven/Finn/Clarke love triangle in perspective, doesn’t it? As in, it doesn’t really matter right now. Things are a little bit more life and death at the current moment. Those clever writers, making us think a romantic love triangle was the most important thing we’d have to worry about only to throw this in our faces! Once again, “The 100” continues to prove that it’s one of this season’s best new shows.

And how amazing were the flashbacks this week? They were the only time we spent on the Ark, which makes waiting to find out whether the teens’ rockets made a difference last week all the more exciting. Instead of present day on the Ark, we got to learn more about Bellamy and Octavia’s extremely complicated sibling relationship. We saw how devastatingly awful their life was on the Ark, with their mother trading sexual favors in order to get a heads up when inspections were occurring so Octavia could have time to hide in the floorboards. She spent her entire life in their pod, never being able to look out a window or roam the halls of the Ark. Is that even a life?

Bellamy took pity on his little sister, and snuck her out once when she was 16 during a masquerade dance. She finally got to see other humans besides her brother and mother, even flirted with Jasper a little bit. It was the best day of her life, and Bellamy’s as well, as he adoringly watched her joy and happiness over getting to leave their pod. But when a surprise inspection interrupted the dance, everything went to hell. Bellamy had to attend to guard duties, and Octavia had no idea how to get back to their pod. The look on Bellamy’s face when she told him that was crushing despair. He knew, right then, that everything was ruined.

Octavia was caught and put in lock up, Bellamy lost his job as a guard and became a janitor, and their mother was floated. Life as they knew it was over and their family was destroyed. It’s hard to decide where the blame lies, but Bellamy and Octavia blame each other. Octavia blames Bellamy for taking her out while Bellamy blames Octavia for even being born. Their fight on Earth was harsh, cruel words were spat at each other, and it looks like their sibling relationship might be irrevocably scarred. 

“His Sister’s Keeper” was a seriously compelling hour of TV, once again proving that “The 100” is willing to go darker than you’d ever expect. But the gore, action and violence takes a backseat to the dynamic relationships between the characters, making this CW series an example of truly terrific storytelling. If you’re not watching “The 100,” you’re making the biggest mistake of your life.
“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum