the 100 day trip recap 'The 100' episode 8 'Day Trip' recap: Magic berries, hallucinations and even more murder Thanks to a couple of magic berries, “The 100” looked a lot like Bonnaroo or Coachella on Wednesday (May 7). Almost everyone on the ground ate the nuts and berries without realizing they cause hallucinations — except for the wildly underestimated Octavia who figured it out instantly and Finn and Raven who were too busy getting it on — leading everyone to have a “Day Trip.”

For some, that just meant wandering around, laughing at their own hands, getting periodic hugs from the sober Finn and Raven, and apologizing for not being able to control physics (well, okay that last one was just Monty, but it was also the BEST). However, for others, that meant having to confront their PTSD head on (Jasper and his fear of the Grounders), confronting their guilt (Bellamy and his actions leading to the deaths of 320 people on the Ark, plus shooting the Chancellor), and confronting their grudges (Clarke and her anger at her mother). A day tripping on hallucinogens was fun for mostly everyone, but for the last three, it was emotional, draining, and in the end, beneficial for their futures. But let’s back up to the beginning of the hour, before things got a little … ahem, hazy.

After last week’s storm and radio issues, looks like Raven got busy and set up video chatting capabilities with the Ark. Everyone’s been taking turns talking with their parents, but one guy, Dax, gets his video chat hijacked by Shumway, a.k.a. the guy that gave Bellamy the gun and the orders to kill the Chancellor. He’s not done being shady, and he bribes Dax to kill Bellamy by saying that he’ll guarantee Dax’s family a spot on the first drop ship down. Clearly Shumway’s nervous that Bellamy will talk seeing as how the Chancellor is still alive.

While everyone is finally able to contact their families, they’re also busy preparing for winter. They’re gearing up to prep for the cold, gathering up nuts and berries (yes, the magical ones. Oops), curing meat, and Clarke and Bellamy go on a search for an old weapons depo nearby that can serve as their shelter. The Chancellor gave Clarke the coordinates of the shelter, hoping that it will be enough to keep the teens alive until everyone else joins them on Earth. But when Clarke and Bellamy find it, they’re disappointed yet again. The place is disgusting, and there’s now way that they can live down there, nixing the whole shelter idea. But Bellamy is elated when he finds a bunch of assault rifles and ammo, knowing that they can finally get the upper hand on the Grounders.

Back at camp, Monty and Jasper are the first ones to start to trip. Jasper yells for Octavia, warning her of the “Grounders” that are inside the camp, but she doesn’t see anything. That’s when she realizes that Jasper’s hallucinating because of the berries, and she calms him down and comes up with a plan of her own. Seeing as how Bellamy gave everyone orders to keep her away from the captured Grounder, she brings the guard some berries as a “peace offering.” Of course, once he starts to hallucinate, she seizes the opportunity and heads up to help the Grounder.

Octavia feeds him water and cleans him up, and the sparks are clearly starting to fly. He tells her his name is Lincoln, and he wants her to remember him when he’s dead. He thinks his captivity can only end one way, and she refuses to believe him. While everyone was too stoned to notice, she grabs some clothes for Lincoln and sets him free. Before he leaves, he turns around and kisses her, and it’s obvious that it pretty much floored her. Sorry Jasper, but you just got overshadowed.

Lincoln almost makes a clean getaway, but Finn notices him, and since Finn is sober he knows exactly what he’s seeing. But after an intense stare-down, Lincoln escapes, and Finn says nothing. Where is Lincoln going? Was setting him free a bad idea for the camp? Or will his feelings for Octavia actually prove to be a good thing for everyone?

Back at the weapons bunker, Bellamy teaches Clarke how to shoot the rifles, and notices that some of the bullets are faulty and the guns don’t always work. When he fixes Clarke’s shooting stance, he all of a sudden notices how close he is to her and gets flustered. Clarke doesn’t notice, but it’s clear that Bellamy’s starting to really notice Clarke. At the beginning of this season, this shipper pairing would have been all wrong, but after all Bellamy and Clarke have been through, it’s starting to become a good fit. Keep this one on a slow burn, please.

One thing Clarke does notice about Bellamy, however, is how many rations he took with him to the bunker, i.e. more than one day’s worth. She realizes he’s going to run, and that upsets her. She needs him, and she knows Octavia needs him but he tells her he doesn’t want to get locked up like the Grounder for the rest of his life when the Ark comes down to Earth. He know the Chancellor will prosecute him for his crimes and he can’t have that happen. After that emotional exchange, he gets even more flustered and leaves the bunker to get some air.

That’s when Bellamy starts to feel the effects of the berries, and hallucinates the Chancellor confronting him along with the 320 dead people who were culled from the Ark because of Bellamy’s actions. His guilt overwhelms him, and unlike the others at the camp who are having joyful trips, his is a definitively bad trip. He breaks down, begging Chancellor Jaha to kill him, but Jaha tells him that life is a fight, and he needs to make up for the 320 people that were culled on the Ark by living. Meanwhile, Clarke starts to hallucinate down in the bunker, and sees her dead father, who tells her that she needs to learn to forgive, starting with her mother. But before she can come to any sort of catharsis, Dax knocks her out cold with a gun.

You see, Dax had been following Clarke and Bellamy all day, and wasn’t suffering from any hallucinations since he didn’t eat any berries. He was waiting for the right moment to get Bellamy alone to kill him, and once he dispatches Clarke, he finds Bellamy, begging “Jaha” to kill him. Once Bellamy’s hallucinations fade, he sees that it’s Dax, not Jaha, standing over him with a gun, and realizes what’s going on. He pulls his own gun on Dax … but that was a hallucination too! He has no weapon to defend himself, and Dax starts beating him. Before he can kill Bellamy, Clarke comes to and saves him, but her gun jams. Then Dax almost kills her, and Bellamy ends up saving her by killing Dax with a bullet to the neck. Bellamy’s first actual kill!

Hurt, out of breath and overwhelmed with emotion from their respective hallucinations, Bellamy and Clarke have an extremely emotional heart-to-heart about how they can’t run from their problems, and Clarke needs Bellamy just like everyone in the camp needs him to stay alive. Seriously amazing work from Bob Morley in this scene, as Bellamy’s at his absolute lowest point, tears streaming down his face and the hurt and pain he’s feeling is incredibly palpable. But Clarke talks him down and makes him realize that he needs her just as much as she needs him. She promises to help figure out a way to save him from being prosecuted by the Chancellor.

And she immediately pays off her promise when they get back to camp. Clarke and Bellamy get the Chancellor on video chat to pardon all of Bellamy’s crimes if he reveals to Jaha who gave him the gun and order. Jaha agrees, and Bellamy tells him it was Shumway. Up on the Ark, Kane arrests Shumway, and it seems like order has been restored.

Down on Earth, Bellamy and Clarke bring all the guns to camp and give new orders. They’ll all train with the guns to defend themselves agains the Grounders, but they’re all going to respect the weapons and no
t abuse them like toys. Clarke and Bellamy start to get excited, but Finn pulls Clarke away to tell her that he disapproves of what they’re doing. It kind of seems like Finn is more jealous of the growing bond between Bellamy and Clarke, doesn’t it? Which is just not fair, since he spent all day getting it on with Raven (although to be fair, that was pretty much all Raven’s idea since she was feeling desperate and needed to mark her territory against Clarke). But he tells Clarke that she’s wrong to trust Bellamy, and they’re leading everyone down a dangerous path. Clarke doesn’t listen to him, but Raven was eavesdropping. Anyone else think she’s going to assume the same thing we did? Trouble in paradise.

Up on the Ark, we finally got some more answers as to why Shumway set the whole kill-the-Chancellor plan in motion in the first place. It wasn’t even his plan — he was just following the orders of newly-christened councilman Sydney, a.k.a. the former Chancellor. Jaha’s got a snake in his garden, and it’s even closer than he realizes. Sydney has Shumway murdered in his cell to prevent him from talking, and she’s clearly not done in her quest to become Chancellor again.

“Day Trip” was filled with so much action and some incredibly game-changing moments that it’s tough to try and predict where this season is heading. But based on the hour that we just saw, we can’t wait to go along for the ride. Seriously, is it next Wednesday yet?

“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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