the 100 episode 9 recap 'The 100' episode 9 recap: Best 'Unity Day' ever? Not so much. Whoa. Whoaaa. Did everyone on the Ark just get handed a death sentence? Did everyone on that drop ship — including Clarke’s own mother — die in that explosive landing on Earth? Did Jasper just incite an all-out war between the Grounders and the 100?

Man, this has to be the worst holiday in the history of ever.

“The 100” celebrated “Unity Day” — the holiday commemorating the day when all 12 of the space stations joined together to form the Ark — on Wednesday (May 14), and it went pretty terribly both up on the Ark and down on Earth. “Best Unity Day ever?” Not so much, Bellamy. Not at all.

Up on the Ark, during the annual celebration pageant put on by little children, a bomb went off, killing six innocent people, including Kane’s own mother. Huge props to Henry Ian Cusick for this heartbreaking scene, watching a son flippantly tell his religious mother he didn’t remember the Traveler’s prayer only to tearfully say it over her dying body only moments later. Chills. Remember when this guy was the bad guy? Man, that seems like forever ago.

Turns out the bomb was intended for Jaha by Councilman Diana, who is trying to stage a mutiny. She and the group of workers she has on her side take over the one working Exodus ship meant to take down guards and relief for the teens, but Abby sneaks onboard. They knock her out and launch the ship, crippling the Ark’s power and resources. But the ship doesn’t slow down on arrival or deploy a parachute, and blows up on impact as a horrified Clarke and Bellamy watch from a distance. Were there any survivors? What does this mean for the people on the Ark?

Down on the ground, things aren’t going any better. The day starts off pretty light and fun, with Jasper and Monty debuting “Unity Juice,” a new flavor of moonshine meant to celebrate the holiday properly. While everyone is distracted, Octavia slips away and meets up with Lincoln at his cave. And whoa HEY, things escalate pretty quickly. They’ve progressed from kissing to hooking up, like, REALLY hooking up. And it. Is. Hot.

After their romantic rendezvous, their goodbye kiss is interrupted by Finn, who spotted Octavia sneaking away from camp and followed her. Things are tense for a moment as Finn and his former attacker face off before Finn reveals he just wanted to return Lincoln’s knife. You know, the one that was lodged in Finn’s chest just a few days ago? Finn’s ready to forgive — which is pretty mature and big of him, seeing as how he almost died from Lincoln’s attack — and he wants to end the conflict between the Grounders and the 100. He convinces Lincoln to set up a meeting between his leader and their leader. Lincoln tells Finn his leader will meet with Clarke, not Bellamy, and that’s the first clue we get that the Grounders are a female-led society. Girl power! Nice.

Finn heads back to camp to get Clarke — who was partaking in some Unity Day celebrating after Bellamy convinced her she deserved some fun — and she sobers up quickly when he tells her about the meeting. She doesn’t seem as trusting of the Grounders as Finn does, but he convinces her to come and broker peace before the drop ship carrying soldiers and weapons arrives. “It’s time to do better,” he tells her, hoping that this time, humans won’t destroy Earth in another ugly, violent war.

Clarke agrees to come with him with no weapons, but she also secretly tells Bellamy to follow them and bring guns to be safe. It’s a smart move, and it’s good to see Clarke compromising with the softer and optimistic Finn and the harder yet realistic Bellamy. The boys are in the extremes, and Clarke strikes the right balance necessary to be the teens’ leader. On the way out of camp, Bellamy grabs Raven and Jasper as his backup.

Clarke and Finn meet back up with Octavia, and Lincoln brings his leader and her troops (on horses!) to meet them. Bellamy, Raven and Jasper watch from the trees, and everyone’s shocked to see Octavia and Lincoln hug. Bellamy and Jasper are both pissed to see her so close with the Grounder they were torturing just a few days ago, but they have to push that down for later and focus on the task at hand now: Protecting their leader.

The Grounders’ leader introduces herself to Clarke. Meet Anya (love seeing “Dollhouse” alum Dichen Lachman in such a strong role). Anya tells Clarke that the 100 have started a war against the Grounders, and Clarke’s confused, since they all thought the Grounders were the ones attacking them. But it’s interesting to hear Anya’s side of the story: The 100 invaded their territory, sent “missiles” (the flares) that burnt down a village, and captured and tortured one of their warriors. Of course, to the 100, all of that wasn’t meant maliciously, but the Grounders viewed it as acts of war. Clarke tries to tell Anya that, and that both sides want peace, plus she warns Anya that when their guard arrives on a drop ship, their technology will wipe the Grounders out, so it would be beneficial for them to end the war now. But Anya says, “They wouldn’t be the first to try.” Whattttt?

Okay, we need to learn about who else might have tried to wipe out the Grounders before, like ASAP. That’s incredibly cool and opens the door to a whole new slew of questions. It’s also interesting to note that Anya called this area “their territory,” meaning there are other territories with other Grounders in other places. Have there been wars going on down on Earth for the past 100 years between the different territories? Before Clarke — and we — can learn more about what Anya meant, Jasper notices there are a bunch of camouflaged Grounders hiding in the trees with arrows and spears all aimed at Clarke. They were presumably there as backup just as Bellamy and co. were and maybe they didn’t mean any harm, but Jasper freaks out and fires the first shot, killing one of the Grounders in the trees.

That starts an all-out battle between the teens and the Grounders, but with their guns, the teens have the upper hand and kill a bunch of the Grounders. Bellamy shoots Anya in the hand just as she was about to stab Clarke, and each side retreats. Lincoln gets wounded protecting Octavia from an arrow — he calls getting hit with an arrow to the chest “just a scratch,” but isn’t that what killed Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones?” — and returns to the Grounders.

Finn’s pissed off when the teens finally get back to their camp, partly at Jasper for firing the first shot but mostly at Clarke for not trusting him. Raven’s pissed at Finn for not telling her about the meeting, Octavia’s pissed at Jasper for “ruining everything,” Bellamy and Jasper are pissed at Octavia for being with Lincoln, and pretty much everyone’s pissed at everyone. Although Clarke and Bellamy don’t seem to be too angry at each other … Hmmm …
“Unity Day” was a non-stop hour of exciting action and game-changing twists, and yet it was still able to introduce a whole new side of Earth mythology with the Grounders and their territories. Plus, thousands of lives are left up in the air as we don’t know how the drop ship being launched before it was ready will affect the Ark, or if the drop ship even landed with any survivors. Seriously, worst Unity Day ever.

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