the 100 lindsey morgan talks love triangle 'The 100': Lindsey Morgan opens up about the complicated Raven/Clarke/Finn love triangle and more Finn is in quite a complicated situation down on Earth on “The 100.” He thought he was never going to see his lifelong girlfriend Raven again since she was still up on the Ark, so he sought comfort in the arms of Clarke down on Earth. But then Raven hopped aboard a drop ship and came down to Earth to be with him, and now he’s smack dab in the center of a love triangle he never thought was possible.

Lindsey Morgan — who plays new-to-Earth Raven — doesn’t blame Finn one bit for trying to move on. In fact, Morgan understands exactly why Finn hooked up with Clarke so soon on Earth. 

“Nothing was really done maliciously,” Morgan tells Zap2it. “It just happened, and now we have to watch it unfold. I don’t like the idea that anyone might think us two girls are going to be pinned up against each other, like, ‘Ooh, who’s going to be the winner?’ It wasn’t like that. It wasn’t like she stole him away or he’s trying to play us both and be a dog. It’s not like that at all, so it will be interesting to see how people respond to it. As anyone can see there’s two sides to every story.”

Check out Zap2it’s Q&A with Morgan below, where The CW star dishes on the complicated love triangle between Raven, Clarke and Finn, plus what fans can expect to see from the mysterious Grounders as “The 100” unfolds.

Zap2it: I’m so happy Raven joined up with the teens on Earth, because she’s such a cool character. She’s tough, she’s smart, she’s independent, but she still has a heart. What’s it like playing such a dynamic character?
Lindsey Morgan: I love playing Raven because I feel like Raven is a better person than I am. It’s cool to play someone that I would aspire to be. She’s a good inspiration.

Let’s talk about her relationship with Finn. We’ve heard how they’ve spent their whole lives together and there’s clearly a lot of history there. Will we get to see that play out in flashbacks?
No, unfortunately there aren’t any flashbacks to see it. But if we have the chance to go to a second season the writers all thought that it would be interesting to do each character in flashbacks to show how they grew up. But there’s no flashbacks to show Raven and Finn yet, but they’ve been together pretty much their whole lives. They were best friends and Raven’s family wasn’t really in the picture. And the only person that ever really took care of her was the boy next door, Finn. As children he would share his meal rations with me, to being there all throughout school, he was pretty much the only stable thing in my life. Everyone else in my life would come and go and I couldn’t depend on them. Finn was the only real rock. He’s my first love and my only love and my best friend. And kind of my only friend.

I think that’s what makes it so heartbreaking, how Raven risked everything to come to Earth to be with him at the most awkward timing ever since he just hooked up with Clarke.
Exactly. Oh yeah. It puts Finn in a very peculiar position and it makes him really have to ask himself some really tough questions. I think it’s possible to love someone but not always be in love with someone and I also think it’s very possible to love two people at the same time. Finn’s heart is literally torn into two. I think him and Clarke really connected but he’s known Raven his entire life. So there’s this question of what’s the grass like on the other side? Who’s this new girl? He also thought he’d never see me again. As far as he was concerned, I was dead to him. I’m in space and he’s on Earth. Finn did the best that he could with what he knows. We definitely get thrown into very difficult positions.

the 100 finn raven 'The 100': Lindsey Morgan opens up about the complicated Raven/Clarke/Finn love triangle and moreWhat’s really interesting is since this is a TV show, we were introduced to Clarke first so she’s our hero. Automatically, that makes fans root for her, and since Raven was introduced later, we see Raven as the obstacle in the way of Clarke and Finn’s happiness. But in reality, Clarke is the obstacle in the way for Raven and Finn’s happiness, since she’s the other woman in the scenario. How do you feel about that perspective flip?
I just feel like there’s going to be a lot of Team Clarke/Team Raven shirts that are going to be made. [laughs] Team Raven and Team Clarke hashtags. It’s interesting and it’s weird, because I don’t think that anyone did anything that wrong. As far as Finn knows, he was never going to see Raven again and he was in this new world, and a part of him is freaking out. He just moved to a whole new planet and everything he’s known his entire life is just gone. 

When you go through something as intense and trying of a situation like that, you immediately share a bond with the people you’re with out of necessity. Raven will never know what it was like his first days on Earth the way that Clarke does. He has that special connection with her. And when you share an intense situation with somebody, sometimes loving is the only way to make the best of things! It at least takes your mind off everything else, it’s an escape. And then Clarke had no idea about me, so you can’t really blame Clarke.

If Finn wasn’t in the picture, do you think Raven and Clarke could have become friends?
Oh yeah. I mean, in Raven’s mind, they do become friends! Raven respects Clarke so much because she’s super smart and is leading everyone and has taken so much responsibility on. Literally she’s doing the best she can to help everyone else. Clarke is the least selfish person ever, and she holds her own and she’s kickass. Out of all the girls in the camp I think these two would definitely be best friends. Even Abby, Clarke’s mom, said that Raven reminds her of Clarke. Raven and Abby had this great, unexpected, mother/daughter-like relationship, too. So Clarke and Raven definitely have a lot of similarities.

Romantic woes aside, Raven’s tasked with a pretty important task coming up with trying to fix the radio to contact the Ark. What are her chances looking like? Does she have what it takes to establish communication?
Well, Bellamy really screwed everybody to save himself. And he doesn’t even realize that not only did he screw everyone on the ground, but he screwed everybody in space too. Bellamy literally screwed the entire human race [laughs]. So chances for Raven to contact the Ark are pretty slim, but fate plays a hand in it. You’ll see.

What are you most excited for fans to see coming up in these next few episodes?
Ooh. There’s some good stuff. Everyone’s got some really cool stuff coming up. I guess my favorite thing to see coming up is the Grounders and their interactions with the kids. All we know so far is that they’re there and they’re hunting us and they don’t like us being here. So watching all their tribes unfold is very interesting. At first, these kids were basically just camping and figuring out how to survive. But now, they’re camping, trying to figure out how to survive and not get murdered. Added bonus! [laughs]

“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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