The latest trailer for “The Adventures of Tintin” definitely lives up to the “adventure” part of the movie’s title.

A high-seas battle, an exploding dam and a gravity-defying motorcycle chase are among the highlights in the teaser for director Steven Spielberg‘s motion-capture animation adaptation of the classic comics. Maybe the best thing, though, is the fact that the characters are more expressive than we’ve seen in previous motion-capture movies.

Much of that credit goes to Andy Serkis, who plays Capt. Haddock and is pretty much the guy for this kind of acting (see also “The Lord of the Rings,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “King Kong”). The movie also stars Jamie Bell as the lead character and Daniel Craig as pirate Red Rackham.

“The Adventures of Tintin” is scheduled to open in theaters on Dec. 21. What do you think of the trailer? 

Posted by:Rick Porter