the amazing race 24 all stars finale winner 'The Amazing Race 24' results: Did Connor and Dave, Brendan and Rachel or Caroline and Jen win the $1 million?The three remaining teams on “The Amazing Race 24” — Dave and Connor,  Brendan and Rachel and Jen and Caroline — flew from London to Las Vegas for the final round of their reality competition. But which team took home the $1 million?

The three teams arrived in the city of sin, where their creepy first challenge involved digging a hole in the desert in the middle of the night. That’s not shady at all! It was especially weird when they found a mysterious box at the bottom that said it was the property of David Copperfield.

“Stop throwing stuff in our hole,” they all screamed at each other as the petty fighting between the remaining teams got especially childish.

The boxes, once finally opened, were filled with a giant ring of keys. They’d need them for the road block, which involved illusionist Copperfield and locking them inside a wooden crate with a ring of keys, on which was one key that undid their shackles.

After making their way through the final challenge, ultimately, Dave was the one who parachuted on to the field first. Dave and Connor were the winners, with Dave the oldest-ever winner and he and his son the first parent-child team to win.

Caroline landed second, making her and Jen the second-place finishers, while Brendan and Rachel fell to third.

Posted by:Jean Bentley