jen caroline the amazing race all stars season 24 country singers 'The Amazing Race': Caroline and Jen don't mind being the underdogsBlonde country singers Caroline and Jen might be the underdogs on Season 24 of “The Amazing Race,” the third all-stars edition in the show’s history, but they’re still one of seven teams left in the competition — having lucked out with both an express pass and a non-elimination round.

“How lucky were we? It was a very, very lucky break for us,” Caroline tells Zap2it of their luck in the sixth leg of the season. “We had a ray of hope, because finishing the challenge there were still a couple of extra taxis out front and the traffic was so horrible that we thought maybe it was going to go our way or someone would get stuck in traffic. You never know — anything can happen in ‘The Amazing Race.’ The fact that we were all in a minute of leaving — we had hope. And then there always is that non-elimination.”

Plus, being sized up by the other teams as a non-factor worked to their advantage. “That’s maybe what a few teams thought, and we were fine with that. If that’s what they think, great,” says Jen.

Adds Caroline, “We’re the most non-threatening team on there, so we’re not the one you’re going to target for a U-Turn. I think that’s kind of our tactic — to be non-threatening and nice so nobody worries about you.”

Caroline and Jen say they went into the competition thinking they were solid contenders since they’d done the race so recently — but everyone there had done it before. Says Jen, “The level of competition — everybody was so good. People were coming in seconds after each other, and you could not make a mistake.”

They didn’t really make any mistakes on the leg, so luckily the non-elimination round came at the right spot for them. “There’s nothing we could’ve done better or worse. We were literally two minutes behind the Brenchels and four minutes behind the Globetrotters. We really didn’t make a mistake,” Caroline says.

But they didn’t stress too much about the outcome. “Jen and I are life-lovers and we always try to find the positive in life and we like to laugh our way through it. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, so I think that all plays into the whole bubbly blonde thing. That really is just how we live our lives. We want to have a great day every day,” Caroline says.

Adds Jen, “Also, at the end of the day, for example the last leg, we had a feeling we were in last, so we were just like ‘You know what, whatever will be will be and all we can do is try our hardest.'”

It’s that life-loving spirit that they bring to the rest of their life, including their careers as country singers. In fact, music is something they’re trying to get back into.

“We actually wrote a song before the race that’s kind of about second chances and giving it all you have,” says Jen. “It’s really kind of a theme song for life but they kind of named it the unofficial theme song for ‘The Amazing Race,’ so that was really neat. That kind of got us thinking ‘Gosh, maybe we could do music again.'”

In fact, Caroline says the two plan to record and release an EP soon. The song is called “Here We Are.” Listen to it here.

“The Amazing Race” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Posted by:Jean Bentley