mariaho tiffanymichelle amazingrace15 290 'The Amazing Race': Maria, Tiffany, Brian and Ericka   quitters and foolsFor some reason, I have always wanted to go to Holland. That is where our “Amazing Race” teams were off to tonight, and all on the same plane, too. As nice as the whole thing should have been, the episode was destroyed for me when two teams showed incredible levels of ridiculousness.

Now, I’ve complained in the past about things bunching up and teams that were way ahead ending up tied with everyone else, but Meghan & Cheyne were way out in front only because they had done a pretty easy Fast Forward. I was happy to see things even out tonight when everyone ended up on the same plane.

Once in Holland, though, Meghan & Cheyne were still the first team to try to count the bells in the carillon for the Road Block. That looked like an incredibly hard task. There were big bells, small bells, hidden-looking areas and 62 bells in total. That’s a lot of room for error, even more than in one of those “count the steps” tasks, which still aren’t easy. It was actually Matt who finished the task first, even though Meghan was working with Sam.

Both Detours tonight required the teams to put on traditional clothes, which is always fun to watch. The choices involved swimming and playing golf (with odd clubs) or dancing and eating herring (and ringing a bell on a “high striker,” which is apparently the name for those carnival strength-testing ring-the-bell things). Sam & Dan motored through the golfing Detour and wound up in first place for the leg.

In what ought to be a terribly embarrassing moment, Gary & Matt apparently didn’t read the clue. They got all set to dance, not paying attention to the fact that they’d have to eat a herring when they were done. They left the task because Matt doesn’t eat that sort of thing.

Let me ask you this: What if it was something that wasn’t a choice? What if it was a required task? What would they have done then? They were at that Detour and didn’t know their exact position in the race (though they knew they weren’t last); they should have done the dancing and herring eating.

Now for the night’s real ridiculousness. I have no idea exactly why Brian couldn’t put his car in drive once they were in Holland, but he couldn’t, so he and Ericka found themselves quickly behind. Thank goodness for Brian allowing Ericka to count the bells in the carillon, because she would have yelled and screamed at him for being too slow, never realizing what was involved in the task.

Ericka failed to get the answer correct on her first (or second or third or umpteenth) try. To be fair to her, Meghan and Sam worked together and Tiffany was given the answer, so that was three teams who, in some respect, worked together while she was left alone. Ericka may have taken a break, but she didn’t give up, and I definitely respect that.

I have never been a fan of Ericka & Brian and they were impossibly behind because he couldn’t figure out how to drive a car and she couldn’t count the bells, and neither bothered to read the where the Detour clue said they should ride bikes to get to the tasks. But all that is fair and just; they should have disappeared tonight. They didn’t.

Ericka & Brian were saved because the team I liked even less, Tiffany & Maria, started with the dancing Detour but couldn’t strike the bell. They left to try the golfing only to go back to the dancing, which they then left again in order to go back to the golf.

Crazy, yes, but not the limit of their insanity. They quit. Seriously. They quit, bailed on the whole race. Ericka & Brian aren’t my favorite team, but they at least gutted it out when they ran into trouble. Not Tiffany & Maria. I told you from the beginning those poker players should go.

Bits and pieces:

  • Sam and Dan announced to the others that they were the “token gay team” tonight. I don’t really see it changing the race’s dynamic, but if I’m wrong I’m sure you’ll let me know.

  • Gary claimed to have put on a dress before, but never for anything “kinky.” Was someone implying he had done it for kinky reasons?

  • Why was it necessary to strip to their underwear for the swimming and golfing? Just because they didn’t want their clothes wet?

  • I loved Big Easy & Flight Time dancing. That’s why they’re my team. Almost heaving on the herring? Not so much.

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Posted by:Josh Lasser