phil keoghan the amazing race 17 320 'The Amazing Race' recap: Hi. I'm Sorry. I'm in a Race.The final three teams run the last leg in Los Angeles — we should have known that if this race didn’t begin there, it was sure to end there — and race to the Port of Long Beach. There, they have to do a tandem bungee swing off a giant crane, which finally hits Nat right in her fear of heights.

Of course she does it anyway, allowing her and Kat to hold onto their lead. Then it’s a helicopter ride across town to the Rose Bowl, where they race to decorate sections of a huge Tournament of Roses parade float, putting Thomas in an awkward position when he does the last Road Block like he and Jill planned. Team @ are still in the lead when they get an actual puzzle-type clue leading them to Quixote Studios, where Bob Eubanks runs them through a memory challenge involving this season’s greeters (and their hats) on a game-show set. Nat and Kat ace that while Jill and Thomas find themselves stranded in a corridor of L.A that has no internet.

And that’s it before the Finish Line, Graystone Mansion. Nat and Kat overcome L.A. traffic to become the first all-female team to win the race, followed by Team QVC and Jill and Thomas in third. Then there’s an announcement of the “Unfinished Business” season starting in February, which is at least more accurate than the “All-Stars” phrase we’ve been hearing tossed around.

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