amazing race 20 cast 'The Amazing Race' recap: Much Ado about NothingThe race takes a bit of a turn, in Phil’s quaint phrasing, as teams start fighting in earnest. When Brendon pushes past Ralph and Vanessa while changing planes in Nairobi, some pretty nasty words fly between Rachel and Vanessa. Art and JJ are not only happy to perpetuate this, they also start some of their own by first airing their suspicions to the other teams that Nary and Jamie are cops, and then accusing Team Undercover in person.

Of course, with all this interpersonal sniping going on, how can we expect the actual leg to hold any interest? In actual race news, the teams all fly to the outlying regions of Tanzania to take in the scenery and the local fauna. Apparently not allowed to drive themselves on the wildlife preserve, they direct local drivers to a spot where they’re supplied rickety bicycles to ride down a dirt road into a village. There, a Detour presents a choice between throwing clubs at moving clay targets or jumping up and down with the locals. Nobody has any trouble with that except Vanessa, who can’t seem to actually ride the bicycle. It’s when they leave the village that things get tricky.

First of all, Art and JJ, who were in first place with Brendon and Rachel, get going the wrong way and fall to fourth. Conversely, Other Rachel and Dave jump from fourth place to the lead by being the first team to find the next location, a campground where they have to set up a whole safari homestead, complete with shower. They fall to bickering, however, and their lead dwindles. As a result, their fourth first-place finish doesn’t seem to come with a wide lead. Bopper and Mark, who assembled their campground efficiently, come in second, while Art and JJ take the bitter medicine of coming in third. Brendon and Rachel are fourth, while Vanessa and Ralph prove faster at erecting a tall tent than Nary and Jamie were, and come in fifth. The federal agents, however, keep at it. And even after stopping on their way to the Pit Stop to look at some elephants, reaching the mat in last place doesn’t cost them the race, because it’s non-elimination and they’re still in it. Thank heavens; it would be a shame if something were to actually happen.

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