amazing spider man sony 'The Amazing Spider Man' sneak peek: Peter Parker becomes a webmasterIf you’re wondering how Andrew Garfield will do as he takes over the reins…err…webs of Spider-Man from Tobey Maguire, you’re going to get a good look.

Columbia Pictures has just released two new clips from the upcoming superhero movie “The Amazing Spider-Man.” In the first one, we see the webmaster getting the hang of his new skills as he flies around the urban jungle. We’re particularly fond of the “Midnight Cowboy” reference when he says, “I’m swinging here.” Once he gets away, Captain Stacy (Denis Leary) expresses his displeasure that the rest of the cops let Spidey escape.

In this next clip, Peter Parker (Garfield) attempts to explain to Stacy that Dr. Connors (Rhys Ifans) isn’t who he thinks he is. Of course the conversation goes south when Parker tells Stacy that Connors is actually a giant lizard. You’d probably have the same reaction.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” is slated for a July 3 release.

Posted by:David Eckstein