american idol top 13 performance show The 'American Idol' Season 13 Top 13 really, really likes each otherThe “American Idol” Top 13 likes each other. Like, a lot. Zap2it talked with the finalists backstage after their first performance show, and every single one of them at some point or another mentioned how much they love each other and love listening to each other sing.

Instead of sitting backstage prepping for their performances all night, the remaining singers all sit on comfy couches in an onstage lounge where they watch their competitors sing in front of the judges. While some might find that intimidating, literally all of them said how much they enjoyed it while speaking with Zap2it and a small group of reporters backstage after the show.

Want proof? Here you go:


Being on the couch is cool because you get to watch everyone. It’s intimidating but it’s also nice to see because we all love each other so much at this point. It’s cool to see everyone doing their thing.


We’ve just got a great group of people, man. From the very start until now, I’ve gotten so much closer to everybody and we’ve just been bonding like a family. Regardless of what happens at this point I’ve made great friends.


I like listening to everybody else because we always support each other. It’s never anything negative. We love each other.


It’s fun to watch our fellow contestants perform because we already know what their goals are, what note they’re scared of and stuff like that, so it’s nice to be able to sit back and see them do it and then we feel proud.


This week has been the least nerve-wracking week so far from me. You get used to the way things groove and I was actually glad to be out there on the couch and be able to watch all the other contestants perform. I enjoyed every minute of it.


It’s really nice to be able to enjoy everybody. I love watching everyone in getting into the music, the whole reason I’m here is because I love music. Whenever we hang out I just love listening to everyone’s sing and all of these people are so talented, it’s awesome. … I honestly want everyone to do well because I’ve grown to really care for everyone here. We literally feel like family.


I’m always one to sit back and listen to people play and people sing, especially now that we’ve all become close and we’re friends, I want to be as supportive as I can and let them know that – because it really is a competition, but I’m just going up there and having fun, just like everyone else is. I’m not competing with the other contestants. We’re just there doing the same thing and hopefully somebody will vote for us. That’s how I look at it. I don’t see it as a competition. I see it as a jam session between 13 really talented people.


We love each other, so it’s so easy to sit with those people and watch each other perform because even being on the stage, you know that you have that group of comfort, that support right next to you and they’re all cheering for you. We stand for each other, we clap for each other, we wait for each other. We are really there for each other and it’s really cool to be sitting there and listening to your competitors. That’s a big word – competitors. They’re competing against you for one spot and to hear someone say ‘that was the best performance of the night’ and it’s not you, and still be so excited, nobody’s jealous. Everyone’s just so happy for each other and that’s so awesome.


I loved it because everybody did such a great job. There was not a boring performance the entire time. We’re like a family and we’re all just cutting it, up having a good time. When somebody sings we’re all just there, sitting and enjoying their moment just like everybody else in the whole thirteen years. We’re just a big family.


Everyone was so good tonight. I mean in dress rehearsal, even with me, there were some little tweaks that needed to be made, but I thought everyone did amazingly tonight. Even though we’re all friends, we all live together and we’re all going through the same thing. I thought they did amazing.


I’ve grown so close to everyone so they have them sitting there and clapping and supporting you really helps.

Posted by:Jean Bentley