the americans trust me phillip matthew rhys fx 'The Americans' preview: 5 things to know about 'Trust Me'

Although the title of the next “The Americans” episode is “Trust Me,” a more appropriate title might be “Don’t Trust Me.” Because that is good advice for everyone in this installment of the Cold War spy drama. Trust is, after all, a rare commodity in a world where everyone actively tries to subvert loyalty and honest relationships.

“Trust Me” shows that in vivid detail.

Without spoiling what is yet another excellent episode of “The Americans,” here are five things to know about “Trust Me” before it airs.

1. There are several independent but thematically related stories happening in this one. Trust and betrayal are issues faced separately by a) Philip and Elizabeth, b) Stan Beeman and Nina the KGB mole, c) the Soviet embassy’s Rezident and everyone, and d) Paige and Henry.

2. Things are still going well for Elizabeth and Phillip in their marriage at the beginning of this episode. Obviously, this is not sustainable.

3. Does Stan have feelings (of the romantic sort) toward Nina? Events in “Trust Me” give further evidence about what the FBI agent’s feelings actually are.

4. If you’re hitchhiking and the driver says he just wants to stop and feed the ducks, he doesn’t want to just stop and feed the ducks.

5. Philip’s horrible blond wig and glasses make a return. Unfortunately for the lonely FBI secretary they are meant to seduce, these costuming items do not get to fulfill their purpose.

“Trust Me” airs on FX Wednesday, March 6 at 10pm.

Posted by:Laurel Brown