donald trump celebrity apprentice 320 'The Apprentice' recap: Pack LeaderPreviously on “The Apprentice”: Trump cares so much about the recession that he’s going to continue to get richer and hire one more person. Last week, they sold ice cream in New York, and the women won. Project manager (and sociopath) David took James and Alex to the boardroom and boring Alex was sent packing. But, before Trump told the women they won, Poppy and Liza got into it. And they took their fight back to the suite with them. Speaking of, Liza’s fighting with Poppy, Brandy, and mostly Stephanie back in the suite now. Liza explains that the reason she’s so passionate and emotional is that she is here fighting for her two boys. James and David come back in, and James explains to everyone that he isn’t a total loser. But he knows he better watch his back, with how quickly everyone turned on him. Condensed “Money, money, money.”

Even though we didn’t get to see Gene’s meeting with Trump last week for winning the first task, we have to endure Poppy’s with Jack Welch. It’s all ass-kissing and him giving her a scholarship to business school. Then the teams are lined up on a street somewhere when Trump and the Trumplets join them. Trump tells them this week’s task is to run a hotel and spa for dogs. They will also be asked to create a “value add” for their customers. Don explains they’ll be judged on execution, creativity of their value add, and the overall experience. Oh, and Cesar Millan is going to visit. Cesar and the hotel owners will judge the task. James steps up to project manage Octane, which gets David all fired up to lose and send James home. Tyana will project manage Fortitude.

As they drive away in the van, James wants to “spitball” ideas. Wade (who?!) says he always had dogs, and would have really liked some instant gratification way to check in on them. So, of course, the solution is a webcam. James thinks that’s a real value add. David says he’ll be able to make that happen, no problem.

In the Fortitude van, Mahsa says she’s afraid of dogs, and she never had a dog, but her mom had a salon, so she wants to handle reception. But Tyana also wants to handle reception. Her reason? “I currently hold the title of Miss Cougar California,” she says, because she walks in a room and commands a presence. Ugh. (Note: Sadly, it seems Miss Cougar California is a real thing.) Anyway, Mahsa is, like, so pissed that Tyana’s going to work reception. She, in fact, calls her “a jealous cow.”

Octane gets to their dog spa, and James takes a moment to apologize to his team. He says he wasn’t showing initiative or respect. But Anand tells us that begging for forgiveness after being an a**hole isn’t going to help him now. They quiz the dog hotel owner, which is totally awkward because David wants to ask questions James doesn’t like, and then he mutters when James stops him and asks his own. James tells David he’ll bench him if he mutters under his breath again. David tells him to go ahead and bench him, and he’ll lose the task. Wow. How on earth did they find enough petty people to fill both of these teams? James and David and James take a moment to leave the room and fight, while the rest of the team — and the dog hotel owner — sits and waits. And listens. I can’t tell if this is David just being crazy, or trying to sabotage James. Either way, it’s working.

Fortitude arrives at their dog spa and meets with the owner …

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