marvels the avengers the hulk mark ruffalo dis 'The Avengers': Is Mark Ruffalo a better Hulk than Eric Bana or Edward Norton?“The Avengers” will be out May 4 and critics are already buzzing about how the Hulk steals the film. Many were surprised by the change in casting from Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo, but it’s clearly paid off.

There have been three Hulks in recent years. The first was in the Ang Lee film “The Hulk,” which came out in 2003. The role was played by Eric Bana, and it’s widely considered to be the deepest look at the character and his flaws.

Then there was “The Incredible Hulk” in 2008, directed by Louis Leterrier and starring Edward Norton, which was a more slick, faster paced film with less soul-searching. Now we have “The Avengers, which features Joss Whedon‘s version, played by Mark Ruffalo.

Ruffalo does something neither of the films have done. He shows the Hulk as someone who has come to terms with who and what he is. Underneath it all is a humor about his existence and what it all means. You definitely get a sense of this from the trailer and it’s had people talking since the film had it’s first screening.

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