bachelor finale lindsay yenter catherine giudici sean lowe 'The Bachelor' finale: Who does Sean Lowe choose   Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter?It’s time for the “Bachelor” finale, fans. Will Sean Lowe choose Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter? According to our poll, Catherine is the overwhelming favorite — but is she Sean’s favorite? Grab your bottle of red or white (or both!) and settle in for the dramatic conclusion.

Family Thai-s

Sean’s family is there to help with the big decision and adorable little Smith says we’re all here because Emily didn’t pick Sean. Ha! Get that kid a commentary job for this show.

His mom makes no bones about her thinking that if he’s going to propose, he should already know which one he wants to propose to — which, we happen to agree with her. Now, Sean says he has equally strong feelings for both of them at the same time and we have to wonder if that’s true, or if that’s just what he has to say for the show. Because you know the show would never let him talk about how he’s super into one of the women and not as into the other.

Catherine’s Family Time

She looks super cute, all barefoot and in her casual, fun dress. She totally wins over Sean’s dad with her football playing as a kid, but his mom Sherry is a much tougher sell. It’s hard to put a finger on exactly why, but Sherry is one of the more intimidating moms this show has ever had — do you agree?

Catherine explains that Sean makes her feel so comfortable and true to herself, which Sherry seems to like. What she doesn’t like is how little time they will actually have spent together before such a big decision.

Sean’s dad is curious about the whole “Bachelor” process and Catherine says she was skeptical too, but Sean now just consumes her and lets her be her complete self.
Then his dad says if she ends up with Sean, she’ll never have a bigger fan than him and he’ll always have her back and they both get teary-eyed and … woo. We can’t help but think about Catherine’s backstory with her father and how absent he’s been and that must have just meant the world to her. Gettin’ a little dusty in here.

Also, three cheers for Sean’s dad. What a nice man.

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Lindsay’s Family Time

Lindsay seems like a sweet girl, but we’ve just never quite gotten her and Sean. She also seems a lot younger than Catherine, even though it’s only two years. Anyway.

In talking to his family, she seems — hmmm. She’s very giggly and kinda doofy, but his family seems to love it. We think Catherine seems much more mature and comfortable, but that might just be personal preference of what we’d look for.

When she is alone with Sean’s dad, she says she wants to hang out with Sean for the rest of her life, which is not the best start, maybe, but she goes on to say how he makes her feel beautiful and supported, which is better. Lindsay also talks about communication and prayer and meeting in the middle when you have arguments. Much better answer.

Sean’s dad is also very sweet to Lindsay, talking about how they’ve been praying for Sean’s future wife all these years and how if it’s Lindsay, he’s happy. Seriously, Jay for president. He’s wonderful.

Lindsay then throws him for a loop by asking for Sean’s hand in marriage, which is pretty adorable. Jay gives Lindsay the OK.

With Sherry, Lindsay seems to be a bit doofy again. She just comes across as kind of immature to us — are we alone in feeling that way? Sean’s mom is hard to read — she certainly isn’t gushing the way Jay has been.

After Lindsay leaves, the family is just as torn as Sean is as to which woman is the one for him. Jay says it’s win-win. Sherry cautions Sean that he doesn’t have to propose — if you are going to propose to someone, you should know for sure and not be wondering about someone else. Amen, sister.

She basically says if he’s actually in love with both, he should propose to neither. And we agree, though we aren’t sure Sean’s actually in love with both — you never can tell with this show.

Live Studio Update

Chris Harrison teases late-breaking news about Sean’s status that the show supposedly just found out about in the last 24 hours. We hope it’s an elopement because the girl is pregnant. That would be outstanding. “Hey, Chris Harrison — we’re already married and we want you to be godfather.”

Lindsay’s Date

They are going rafting, which would admittedly be amazing. How relaxing and romantic. When Sean remarks about how on one side of the river is Thailand and the other side is Myanmar — “That’s how close the two countries are” and Lindsay’s all, “Wow!” — we have to hope they’re both reacting to “I didn’t know we were so close to another country” and not “Wow, two countries can be separated by only a river?!” because — um, yeah.

This date is pretty boring, though. They don’t really talk about much, they act like nerds, they make out. It’s kind of what we’ve come to expect from these two.

That night, Lindsay says she’s nervous about what she’ll do if she loses Sean. He wishy-washes some platitudes and they make out. We mean, what is he supposed to say to that? She also acknowledges in a talking-head that they’re always kissing, and it’s because that’s how Sean can express himself to her. Well, that’s one theory.

Lindsay takes him outside to do the lantern-wishes thing that we’ve seen before on this show. They wish for family, happiness and love, and Sean remarks in an interview that he thinks Lindsay is the one — at this moment.

One of Lindsay’s last comments is that this moment was 24 years in the making. Gosh, she’s young. We weren’t our fully-formed selves at 24. And even though Catherine is only 26, a lot happens in those two years. Hmm.

Live Studio Update

You know, if those couple hundred women have to sit there and watch this in the studio, there should be free wine. C’mon, ABC. Plus, then there’s more of a chance for heckling two hours later at the “After the Final Rose.”

Catherine’s Date

Sean is apparently searching for a sign because he thinks Lindsay’s the one, so he needs something to tell him that it’s Catherine instead? Hmm. We’re with your mom on this one, Sean — either Lindsay is the one or she’s not. It sounds like Catherine’s NOT the one, if you need a sign.

Though admittedly, we would love to see Catherine as the next Bachelorette, so it’d be OK if she’s not Sean’s pick. Also, elephants are great, but we don’t love that they have to kick her ears to make her go. That seems mean. We hope they aren’t kicking her hard.

After the elephant ride, they snuggle and while they aren’t as schmoopy as he is with Lindsay, it just seems more real to us. When he talks about his best friend, we see that with Catherine way more than with Lindsay.

That night, Catherine just lays it all out on the table for Sean — there’s so much on the line that she wants to confess about how much she can be herself around him and how amazing his family was and how much he means to her. He says nice things to her, but … we have a bad feeling for Catherine.

As he leaves, she finally says, “I love you.” He doesn’t say it back, obviously, but his response is “Thank you for today.” Ouch. Catherine says afterward that she looked at him and didn’t se
e a glimmer that she was the one. Aww.

So she goes after him, crying, and he hugs her, but … yikes. We feel very badly about how this is going to go for Catherine. And in a talking-head, she’s upset. She needs more from him, but she has to know that even if she is the one, he can’t say it. The show isn’t going to let him.

Poor Catherine.

Live Studio Audience

Some fans weigh in, blah blah. Nobody cares.

The Big Day

Shirtless Sean! Hope you’ve still got some wine left. Interestingly, in his contemplative montage, he and Catherine always seem to be having fun together, while he and Lindsay always seem to be making out. A sexual spark does not always make a good life partner, dude.

Neil Lane shows up and Sean greets him like it’s his fraternity brother. “What up, brah?! Get out that bling!” There are some beautiful rings he looks at — and none of them are “champagne” diamonds, which, as “Beautiful Girls” tells us, is not the way to go.

Live Studio Audience

Lesley, Sarah, AshLee and Jackie are in the house. Lesley thinks he’s going to pick Catherine, Sarah thinks it’s Lindsay, AshLee says Lindsay and Jackie says it’s a toss up. Blah blah boring.

The Choice

Sean’s pretty emotional about having to break someone’s heart. Yeah, that would suck. And unsurprisingly, given how this episode has gone so far, Catherine is the first one to arrive NO WAY! Lindsay is there. Whoa. Jaw = dropped. So surprised. Well done, “Bachelor” editors.

Though, one of these seasons, it’d be kind of awesome if the first girl got proposed to, then she had to go hide in the bushes while he dumped the second girl. *snicker*

Sean starts in on his speech and it’s very sweet and sounds like a proposal speech for a while, which … is kind of mean, though we know he means it in a sincere, nice way. As he pauses, her face just crumples. And then he cries and says his heart is with someone else.

He then, wow, he says he loves her. You don’t hear that every finale. Not sure that’s what you’d want to declare to someone right before you propose to someone else. Lindsay kind of breaks our hearts a little when her tiny little voice goes, “Is it me?” Oh, sweetie.

She says she can’t imagine her life without him and now she’ll have to figure that out. She hugs him and they walk out. She’s really taking it pretty well — love the way she takes off her shoes. That was adorable.

In the SUV, Lindsay cries and says she feels like an idiot. Sweetie pie, you’re 24. You’ve got oodles of time. You’ll find somebody. Also, we’re very distracted that she’s not wearing her seatbelt. They never do. And that’s just a bad example, ladies.

Also, stop crying about not wanting to be alone. You’re not going to be alone. You’re not 45 years old with your biological clock ticking loudly in your ears.

The Letter

Now we get the infamous letter we’ve been teased with all season. It’s from Catherine, saying all kinds of nice things about him and his family and how perfect they are for each other.

Ugh, that’s IT?! We wanted her to say she didn’t want him to propose and then he would do it live on the “After the Final Rose” special and the music would swell because she wasn’t ready at the time, but now she’s ready and blah blah blah. *sigh*

So bummed that’s that all it was. Dramatic, my foot.

When she gets to the proposal spot, you can tell she’s pretty hopeful — she’s blinking very fast. And then when she realizes it’s her, she looks so happy! We mean, she looks overcome. We are getting teared up at her reaction, what is happening right now? We don’t think this has ever happened to us watching one of these shows.

He sounds choked up when he finally says he loves her so much. Why is this one getting to us, y’all? We think it’s just how much we like Catherine. We’re actually a smidge sad that she won’t be the next Bachelorette.

Then they ride away on an elephant, which — OK. That’s weird, but also kind of fittingly goofy.

Oh, what a satisfying ending to the season! We hope they’re still together.

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