bachelor juan pablo galavis 'The Bachelor': Meet Juan Pablo Galavis' 27 bachelorettes   who's missing?ABC has finally announced the cast for the upcoming season of “The Bachelor,” starring fan-favorite Juan Pablo Galavis, a former professional soccer player.

Read all the details about the premiere and rest of the season here. There’s a trip to New Zealand that involves a “Hobbit” set visit. “The Bachelor” and “The Hobbit” — two great tastes that taste great together, amiright?

Below are the women who will be vying for Juan Pablo’s heart. The average age is on par with what you usually see (26), but there are still two women whose occupations are listed as “dog lover” and “free spirit.” Check out all the women in our photo gallery here.

We did not know those were job options.
The 27 women “who can be revealed” (which leads us to believe someone is not listed here) are:

Alexis, 24, communications director, Tampa, FL
Alli, 26, nanny, Chicago, IL
Amy J., 31, massage therapist, Los Angeles, CA
Amy L., 27, local news reporter, Orlando, FL
Andi, 26, federal prosecutor, Atlanta, GA
Ashley, 25, grade school teacher, Dallas, TX
Cassandra, 21, former NBA dancer, Rochester Hills, MI
Chantel, 27, account manager, San Diego, CA
Chelsie, 24, science educator, Columbus, OH
Christine, 23, police support specialist, Miami, FL
Christy, 24, marketing manager, Chicago, IL
Clare, 32, hairstylist, Sacramento, CA
Danielle, 25, psychiatric nurse, St. Louis, MO
Elise, 27, first grade teacher, Forty Fort, PA
Kat, 29, medical sales rep, Scottsdale, AZ
Kelly, 27, dog lover, Atlanta, GA
Kylie, 23, interior designer, Rockford, IL
Lacy, 25, nursing home owner, La Jolla, CA
Lauren H., 25, mineral coordinator, Oklahoma City, OK
Lauren S., 26, music composer, Austin, TX
Lucy, 24, free spirit, Santa Barbara, CA
Maggie, 24, personal banker, North Augusta, SC
Nikki, 26, pediatric nurse, Kansas City, MO
Renee, 32, real estate agent, Sarasota, FL
Sharleen, 29, opera singer, Heidelberg, Germany
Valerie, 26, personal trainer, Sutter, CA
Victoria, 24, legal assistant, Boca Raton, FL

The two-part “Bachelor” premiere kicks off Sunday, Jan. 5 and continues Monday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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