ben flajnik bachelor 'The Bachelor' recap: It's Raining, Ben. Hallelujah!So the first few few minutes of The Bachelor tonight were cut off because of a governor’s speech, and when we join the women, they’ve already arrived in Park City, Utah, so I’m going to assume that the first minutes consisted solely of people being ridiculously excited about getting to go to Utah. What’s next: Des Moines, Iowa! Lovely Newark!

Anyway, all the women get a lecture from Chris Harrison on not being boring people when they have time to talk to Ben, and then he’s all, “Later, bitches!” and he drops the microphone and stomps out of the condo or chalet or whatever this place is. Kacie B. is hoping she gets a one-on-one date. Well, presumably they all do, but Kacie B’s who we’re focused on now. But that’s not who the first card is for. “Rachel, let’s let nature take its course… Ben.” Rachel and her bangs talk about her communication issues sinking a past relationship or relationships or something. And we watch Kacie B. shed actual tears over not getting a one-on-one date. How depressing. Kacie’s become the bachelorette I like most and is therefore the one who bums me out the most because she seems too smart to fall for any of the nonsense that this show involves.

Back from commercial, another Kacie interview, more tears because she’s not the one going on the date. OK, this is getting pathetic. Oh, it gets worse, because Ben comes in to pick Rachel up, and Kacie says as much as it hurts that he’s there to pick someone else up, at least she got to see him for a minute, and I am officially done with Kacie, who has possibly been brainwashed.

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