the bachelor sean lowe season 17 spoilers abc 'The Bachelor' spoilers: Sean Lowe tells us what to expect in season 17

There are certain givens in any season of “The Bachelor.” Many beautiful women will get out of limos and try to have a meet-cute with a hot guy. People will sit around and share special moments for the cameras. Girl fights will follow. Everyone will profess deep and undying love, often for multiple people.

But what will make Sean Lowe‘s season 17 of “The Bachelor” unique? The man himself gave us some hints.

Minimal pining over Emily Maynard

Sure, the producers of “The Bachelor” have to play-up Sean’s recent heartbreak at the hands of America’s sweetheart, Emily, on “The Bachelorette.” But Sean insists that he is fine. “I knew Emily wasn’t the one for me and that became clear over time,” Sean told reporters on Wednesday (Dec. 12). Still, Sean had to add, “I would definitely say that she broke my heart.”

Don’t worry, fans of new love! He’s OK now. “I know she’s not for me,” Sean said. “I wouldn’t have accepted to do ‘The Bachelor’ if my heart wasn’t totally mended.”

The shocking surprise return of…

Yeah, still not going to tell you who the returning girl is. Sean managed to keep mum about it to, allowing only that “America will be surprised to see who it is. And I know I was certainly shocked on the first night…”

Love, love and more love

You would have to be blind (and love is) not to notice certain polyamorous aspects to “The Bachelor.” Sean gave no impression that he thought about things that way, but he did confess having feelings for many of the girls. “I had really no idea that I would become so attached and so emotionally invested to multiple women,” Sean said. “That caused internal problems for me as the season progresses.”

Unless the rules of the show have changed drastically, we can at least expect that Sean will — eventually — narrow down his love to one.

Sean’s dream girl(s)?

Who might that lucky lady be? Sean Lowe is definitely in the market for a life partner, so she had just better be the total package. “I obviously want girls that are well-suited for me,” Sean explained. “I really want to find my best friend… I was looking for someone who was smart. A woman’s intellect is probably the sexiest thing for me.”

Sean also professed an interest in accomplishment, kindness and a sense of humor. Those are nice things.

Cat fights and slightly more-positive female attributes

Of course, the ladies of “The Bachelor” will have to get past the inherent cattiness of women (women on reality TV, anyway) if they truly want to win Sean. He didn’t seem to worried about it though. “You’ve got 26 women in a house, so of course there’s going to be drama,” he joked. “It’s almost inevitable for this to happen. It always irritates me when girls would get caught up in the drama and lose focus on the real reason that they’re there.”

Considering that the women are there to compete for a husband, fighting might not be so inappropriate…

Results… Or not

Will Sean give us the happy ending we so richly desire? Or will millions of hearts break instead of just a couple dozen? Based on Sean Lowe’s comments to reporters, we might want to be a little worried. “I could say no to both the final two women,” he said. “I’ve never been one to really conform to rules that have been set. And you’re going to see me break quite a few rules.”

Why would Sean do this to us? “I couldn’t follow the rules,” he explained. “I had to follow my heart.”


In the end?

Sean Lowe may believe in “The Bachelor” process, but that doesn’t mean the man has to avoid all relief when it’s all over. When asked about flowers, Sean took the chance to make a little joke (or is it?): “I would say now that the show is over, I would be happy if I never see another rose in my life.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown